Battle Girl

Battle Girl

Personal Information

Name: Battle Girl
Real Name: Angelica “Angel” Murphy
Former Aliases: N/A
First Appearance: Savage Dragon: Sex and Violence # 1 (Of 2)
Group Affiliations: N/A
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Date of Birth: August 22, 1994
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jennifer Murphy (mother), Kevin Murphy (father, deceased), Angel Dragon (herself from another reality),Frank Darling Jr. (Husband) Jack Dragon (son). NOTE: although Angel Murphy lived with Dragon and Malcolm Dragon briefly, she is not related to them because her mother was never married to Dragon. Because a version of Angel (see Angel Dragon) from an alternate reality is the stepdaughter of Dragon, it’s often assumed that she is related by marriage to the Dragons.
Powers: Superhuman strength and invulnerability


Angel Murphy is the only child of her parents, Jennifer and Kevin, who were high school sweethearts that married young. Their wedded bliss was short-lived as Kevin’s life became something of a failure as his career was going nowhere, working for his father as an electrician. He started taking his frustration out on Jennifer but when his wife’s mutant powers emerged, he had to vent his anger on something else and targeted his daughter. Jennifer defended the infant Angel and punched the head clean off of the abusive Kevin.

Jennifer went on to become a member of the government’s Special Operations Strikeforce team which meant that Angel spent a great deal of time being cared for by Dart’s niece, Alison Summers. After a mission left her stranded in an alternate universe, Jennifer decided to resign to take care of her child full-time. She realized that she was in love with her former teammate Dragon and the pair soon became a couple and were engaged to be married.

When OverLord II seemingly murdered Jennifer, Angel was cared for full-time by Dragon until the courts, influenced by the Covenant of the Sword, and awarded custody of Angel to her great aunt and uncle. Dragon later liberated Angel and a number of other abducted children from the Covenant but ended up on another Earth whilst Jennifer was killed for real this time.

Angel came into the care of an alternate Jennifer Murphy who was married to Herakles but when Universo arrived and attacked, Angel was one of the few to escape the end of the world. She was saved by SoulStar and his companions, along with Malcolm Dragon and some other super-powered children, by being hurled into the Void.

Angel Murphy

After four years of drifting through the constantly dangerous Void, Angel and her friends crash-landed on Warworld Thrall. Angel became separated from her friends but was found by She-Dragon and the pair escaped back to Earth before the Awesome Eater consumed the planet. The pair arrived just in time to witness Universo’s second assault, albeit on the Earth that Dragon now called home.

Dragon and Angel were finally reunited with one another and when Dark Dragon and the Thrall native Battleaxe attacked them in Alex Wilde’s apartment, Angel’s own dormant superhuman abilities kicked in. She was ecstatic with this revelation and, against the initial wishes of Dragon, adopted the codename Battle Girl and announced her intention to become a hero.

Dragon set off in search of his missing wife and left Battle Girl in the care of Alex Wilde, hoping that she could assist her in catching up with her studies. Angel would also be trained to be a better hero by SuperPatriot in exchange for her babysitting his own young children, Liberty & Justice Armstrong.

The quest undertaken by Dragon proved to be in vain when it was revealed that Angel’s alternate self had murdered her mother whilst brain-washed by Mister Glum. This sour news was sweetened somewhat by the return of Malcolm and the other lost children. Dragon was reunited with his children and spent months with them in a happy family.

When the Golden Age hero known as Daredevil was relocated to Chicago, he became the object of affection from Angel. She became infatuated with the young vigilante and when Dragon reverted back to his original persona of Emperor Kurr, Angel sought refuge at the clubhouse belonging to Daredevil and the Little Wise Guys. Her actions there caused Daredevil to spurn her affections, pointing out that she is far too young for anything to ever happen between them.

After this, Angel’s feelings for Daredevil begin to diminish which is made apparent when her friends prod her on her thoughts on Daredevil. Daredevil is critically injured in a battle with Kurr and Angel decides to spend as much time as she can by his bedside where he utters Darts name while unconscious. This ends up hurting Angel even deeper than before. She then goes into an anti-social mode where she spends all her time alone, even while her friends go out. She eventually gives Daredevil a blood transfusion which allows him to make a full recovery.

During her 16th birthday she is visited by an adult male that freaks her out. After he leaves she learns that the man was Daredevil out of costume to her shock. Later her and Malcolm stop a bank robbery by Double Paige and Vein with the unexpected assistance of Powerhouse. Malcolm and Angel continue to bother Rex to find a way to go into Dimension-X only to find him full of excuses. Neither one realizes that Rex has been replaced by Robot Rex who is under the command of Kurr. The two eventually have had enough and bust into Robot Rex’s underground base and through the fact that Robot Rex did not know the name are of Rex’s daughter they are able to discover the charade. Robot Rex tells the duo that Rex and his family are in Dimension-X and that Kurr is going to destroy human life.

During Kurr’s genocide of human life on Earth, Angel is brutally murdered by Kurr who impales her with a pole through the throat. However, due to Dragon traveling back in time to kill Kurr before these events, she is alive and well.

Malcolm starts to become popular in the public eye and Angel starts a process of becoming jealous. Later Captain Stewart asks her and Malcolm if he can depend on them in times of need and they both agree. During a raid on a VC hideout, Malcolm is brutally beaten to an inch of his life by MoreGore. Angel responds by punching MoreGore’s head into a bloody mush and cradles an injured Malcolm in her arms realizing how much he means to her. She takes him to Hillman Hospital where he makes a full recovery. While at school she is pulled into the principle’s office who while afraid that Angel is capable of killing someone, feels a bit safer knowing that she is at the school in case something happens. She later runs into Willie Jackson at a cemetery and tries to give him a bit of advice on family.

During Malcolm’s graduation, she is approached by Daredevil, but brushes him aside as if he were a pest. Angel soon reveals a new costume which is patriotic in nature and inspired by the costume her mother wore. Her and Malcolm later battle Snake Eyes who knocks down a building during the battle killing P.J.’s parents. The duo take P.J. to Rocks diner where they run into Glum and Angels counterpart after they flee the diner for using fake money. During the battle her counterpart is critically injured by a sharp boomerang thrown by Daredevil. While Glum flees with her counterpart in his arms, she beings to choke Daredevil for making everything worse until Malcolm calms her down.

Angel and Malcolm go into Rex’s lab and are attacked by the resurrected Deathseed and his Asorbanoids. During the battle Angel is drained to near death and becomes thin to the point where she is skeletal. After Demonseed’s defeat she is told by Ann Stevens that she will make a full recovery, but it will take some time for her to put the weight back on. Frank Jr. visits her at the hospital where he reveals that he cares for her and they end up sleeping together.

Dragon (who is still alive) sends a projection down to Malcolm and Angels home where he reveals that he is ok. Malcolm who had walked in on Angel sleeping with Frank Jr. reveals to Dragon that she had slept with Frank Jr. Malcolm is invited as a guest on Jerry Rivers TV talk show and Angel decides to go along with him. On the plane ride to New York she is slightly upset over Malcolm telling Dragon about her night with Frank Jr., but is willing to get over it and actually suggests Malcolm take the next step with Tierra whom he is now dating. During their visit to NY they help stop a gigantic Osama Bin Laden who is on a rampage through the city. Afterwards, the attend the Jerry Rivers TV show.

Angel and Frank Jr. begin to make plans for their future together and begin to think that a year vacation before attending college might be a good idea for the pair. Soon the Tyrrus Combine attack Earth, and Malcolm with Angel begin to defend their school before realizing how vast the attack has become. Malcolm is badly injured and Angel takes him into a building to recuperate. While attending to his wounds Angel suggests that they sleep together as the world is ending. Malcolm says this is a bad idea and that they need to keep fighting. They visit Rex Dexter who is able to get them in communication with the Elder Gods who send AllGod to stop the Tyrrus Invasion. While AllGod does succeed in stopping the invasion, he is brutally murdered by the U.S. Air Force.

Later Malcolm tries to talk to her to see if she was serious about sleeping with him during the invasion, but she claims it was a mistake. Apparently there was a camera in the building and a gossip magazine claims Angel and Malcolm are having an affair. Maxine is upset about this as she has a crush on Malcolm, but Frank Jr. believes Angel when she tells him nothing happened. Later Captain Stewart contacts Angel and asks her to consider a career in the police force after college, but they are interrupted with news about a battle between OverLord III and Malcolm. Malcolm is once again badly injured and Angel shows her fierce side and pummels OverLord III who eventually flees the scene.

Angel graduates High School and decides to celebrate with her friends in Malcolm’s hospital room. There news arrives that Daredevil is in a battle with OverLord III and Angel and Malcolm go to the scene. However, their battle with OverLord is short lived as Dragon arrives and beats OverLord III with little effort and it is discovered that Overlord III is actually Flash Mercury. Before a real reunion can occur between everyone, Dragon is arrested by Captain Stewart for the crimes he committed as Kurr.

While Angel and Malcolm discuss what they need to do, she tells Malcolm that Maxine likes him and that he should ask her out. She is later asked to recount the events leading up to Dragon turning into Kurr by Dragons lawyer as they try to prepare his case. Soon after, Frank Jr. reveals that he cheated on her during the Tyrrus Combine’s invasion with Tierra and that Tierra is now pregnant.

Later SuperPatriot finds Angel and asks her to join the new SOS and she replies that she needs to think about it. Later Malcolm tries to convince her to give Frank Jr. another chance as she was willing to cheat on Frank with Malcolm during the invasion, making her as guilty as Frank. She tries to get back with Frank, but he reveals that he is now marrying Tierra. While Frank is getting married, Angel doesn’t attend, but remains outside the church.

Due to all the recent events Angel reveals to Dragon while visiting him in jail that she is leaving Chicago to join the S.O.S. in Washington D.C. After a big battle with the Claw, Angel reveals her feelings to Daredevil and gives him a kiss on the lips. Despite his request for her to stay in Chicago, she still leaves.

Malcolm along with Angel visit Dragon who has lost all his Chosen One powers and is now moving to another prison. After the visit Malcolm and Angel are attacked by a super-powered Brenda Funk seeking revenge over Adrian’s death. The battle quickly ends and Angel once again leaves Chicago.

Angel later returns to Chicago with the S.O.S. to help defeat the Demonoids. She later visits Malcolm at his apartment and finds he had sex with Maxine and the trio then go for a threesome. Angel and Malcolm later meet up with Dragon who had been kidnapped by the VC, but was able to free himself. She later breaks up with Daredevil after sleeping with him and decides she wants to move back to Chicago.

She later comes into the apartment and see Maxine, Tierra and Malcolm having sex and joins them in the encounter. She then moves in with Malcolm and Maxine. She later finds her own apartment and discovers she is pregnant. She doesn’t know if the kid belongs to Malcolm or Daredevil. Angel decides to go with the abortion and is comforted by Frank Darling Jr. after she goes through with it.

Angel later helps Malcolm subdue Glum in Dimension-X, even at the cost of the alternate Angel’s life. It is later revealed to Angel by Maxine that there is a good chance that the fetus survived the abortion due to Malcolm’s blood being that of the chosen one, making the child viable at conception. She panics and visits the abortion clinic as well as Lorrella to find some answers, but the quests comes to an end due to Maxine’s water breaking. It is later discovered that her baby survived the abortion and that she has a son with Malcolm. Her child is soon kidnapped by Dart II, but is quickly rescued by Malcolm.

She later helps Maxine babysit the babies, but begins to long to raise her son Jack as her own. She is also at the court hearing for Glum when he escapes, and he even tries to convince her that the two can have a relationship like he did with Angel Dragon. Glum later kidnaps Angel Murphy and takes her to his home planet where he gives her a haircut and Angel Dragon’s costume, as he wants Angel to fill in the love role the old Angel fulfilled for him. She resists at first, but when he mentions that her mom is somewhere on the planet, she decides to stay on the planet. However, Jennifer finds Angel and the duo are able to escape from Glum. They make a deal with Glum who allows them to return to Earth as long as they don’t tell anyone of their location.

Angel now on Earth confesses to her mother that she had a child with Malcolm which they go visit. Earth is soon attacked by aliens, which Angel helps to defeat. However, Glum merges all realities and Angel now has memories of loving Glum. Glum confronts her, but Angel still can’t be with him because of all the bad things he had done. He points a gun at her and it misfires when fires causing it to explode with Glum. However, Glum had faked his death to live in peace with an infant Angel. Angel is also present when Dragon explodes.

She later goes to Dimension-X where she is trapped by the American Government under Donald Trump’s orders. After a long ordeal she is rescued from Dimension-X by Freak Force. She is later mortally wounded in a fight with the Scourge, but after taking Malcolm’s blood is healed.

A few years later she marries Frank Darling Jr., but it turns out it’s actually Glum who had switched minds with Frank.


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