The Next Chapter!
July 2023
20 Pages


Erik Larsen: Story & Art
Jack Morelli: Letters
Nikos Koutsis: Colors
Mike Toris: Flats
Gavin Higginbotham: Editor
Scott James: Cover C
Josh Eichhorn: big strong man with tears in his eyes


Malcolm Dragon 
Paul Dragon
Captain Tootsie
Jeremiah Youngblood


Maxine Jung Dragon
Tyrone Dragon
Amy Dragon
Jackson Dragon
Madeline Dragon
Alex Wilde
Jon Day
Joseph Strange
Neighbour Craig Gotsill (First Appearance) (Death Issue)

Julia Gorelick
Mei Lai
Walter the Tiger


Amy goes to see her friend Walter in his alleyway home and informs him that her parents may want to move the entire family to San Francisco. She does not want to say goodbye to him and so Walter announces that he would move away from Toronto to still be with her. Paul pays a visit to his friend Joseph Strange to get repairs made to his cyborg army after it was damaged fighting Samurai. The old friends catch up over the lives of their children. Paul is saddened that he has not been fully accepted by Malcolm but is excited that Angel asked him to walk her down the aisle when she gets married soon.

In his Genetech laboratory, Captain Tootsie is approached by Malcolm about the possibility that he would return to the S.O.S. but his request is rejected. Captain Tootsie is not convinced that he would have the freedom for his scientific research if he was to go back to working for the United States government. He also wishes to continue searching through the Dimension-X portal for anymore survivors of the multiverse like Paul that may be stuck in there.

A previously unknown Neighbour Craig goes to see the Dragons but Maxine did not even realize that they had a Canadian version of their old neighbor. He goes to speak to Maddy but is instead electrocuted by the child. Thunder-Head refuses to move away from Toronto as he has just secured a new job and does not want to move Julia. Mei promises that they will still visit with their family every chance they can but the couple do not want to end their current lives.

Paul and Alex arrive to take care of the Dragon kids so that their parents can fly over to San Francisco to determine if they want to make the move. They are met by Jeremiah Youngblood who takes them to the new S.O.S. complex that will serve as their home. Maxine is not pleased with the idea of living with others but the high prices to rent or buy in the city leads her to agreeing to live there should they move.

Malcolm and Maxine explore the city and fall in love with it. They part company with Youngblood before returning home. Jackson does not wish to move away from all of his friends and asks to stay in Toronto with his grandparents but Malcolm says no. He also notes that Paul and Alex may yet still decide to move with them too soon. The Dragons ultimately decide to depart Canada and move back to the United States and arrive at their new home,


The String
4 Pages
Cayetano Valenzuela: Story & Art


Kevin Days A Week by Kevin Burkhalter
Berkeley Mews by Ben Zehringer
Moonbeard by James Squires


Juan Ruvalcaba