S.O.S. West!


March 2024


20 Pages




Erik Larsen: Story & Art


Jack Morelli: Letters


Nikos Koutsis: Colors


Mike Toris: Flats


Gavin Higginbotham: Editor


Josh Eicchorn: walked into the party like he was walking onto a yacht




S.O.S. West (First Appearance)

– Malcolm Dragon (Joins)

– Battle Girl (Joins)

– The Crusader (Joins)

– The Destroyer (Joins)

– Wall-Crawler (Joins)

– Web-Slinger (Joins)




Maxine Jung Dragon

Chicago Police Department

– Captain Jack Stewart

– Detective Dick Tasty (Death Issue)

Officer Amy Belcher

– Officer Frank Darling Jr. (Quits)

Officer Jordan Gordon

Angel Murphy (Alternate)

Jon Day

Latoya (First Appearance)

Mickey Mouse




The Vicious Fishes (First Appearance)



The Grokk

Mister Glum




The brand new team of S.O.S. West leaps into action against the Vicious Fishes who have invaded the United States over environmental issues. The young heroes work well together to easily defeat these villains and apprehend a group of them. Malcolm Dragon tries to learn more about the groups motives and hear how they do not actually object to pollution. In fact, that is what caused the creation of the Vicious Fishes and they are angry over humans’ attempts to reduce radiation and pollution being dumped in the world’s oceans. The confused heroes watch as the remainder of their foes flee back into the ocean and momentarily debate letting the rest of them escape too.


Meanwhile in Chicago, Frank Darling says his goodbyes to his colleagues in the Chicago Police Department as he prepares to move across the nation to San Francisco. Captain Stewart wishes him all the best with his new life and marriage. Dick Tasty takes the opportunity for one last assault but as Mister Glum is in possession of Frank’s body, he reacts way differently. Glum mercilessly beats Tasty to death and is arrested for murder.


This brutal killing is witnessed in Dimension-X by the real Frank who laments his fate as his body will now be sent to prison, never safe place for a former police officer. Angel attempts to comfort her would-be boyfriend but fails. Glum makes a telephone call to Battle Girl to explain what has happened and she races to catch a plane to go be with her husband.


Whilst out shopping, Maxine is sexually assaulted by the opportunistic Mickey Mouse and she flees from the scene. Maxine makes a call to Malcolm and he is able to track his wife down to an alleyway where she has been hiding from her assailant. It is at this point that one of the monstrous Grokk has emerged from the depths to break loose the incarcerated Vicious Fishes.


With two of their own absent, the rest of S.O.S. West go off to face the colossal Grokk but they are defeated by a single blow. Battle Girl receives a call before she can reach the airport and heads back to the battle site to aid her teammates. She arrives at the same time as Malcolm Dragon and the pair wonder how they can possibly stop their foe…


BACK COVER: Ken Albery