Modern Warfare


December 2019


20 Pages




Erik Larsen: Story & Art


Ferran Delgado: Letters


Nikos Koutsis: Colors


Mike Toris: Flats


Gavin Higginbotham: Editor


Josh Eicchorn: unfit for human consumption




Malcolm Dragon 

Battle Girl

Captain Tootsie




Maxine Jung Dragon
Amy Dragon
Jack Dragon
Tyrone Dragon
Maddy Dragon


Greta Gearbox


Jon Day


Lisa Ling (First Appearance)


Scott (First Appearance)




The Demon King (First Appearance)

The Demonoids



After a long and successful adventure throughout the underground realm, the Demon Prince returns home to the Demonoid lair far beneath Toronto. He is horrified to discover that his people have been eradicated and seeks to avenge their fate. Now elevated up to the title of the Demon King, this enraged monarch of a dead kingdom sets out to take revenge upon humanity.


Malcolm Dragon becomes besieged by the media in light of his killing of the Scourge. He defends his actions as necessary to avoid further loss of human life should their fight have moved to the surface. He is then asked about other deaths he has been involved with but does his best to fend off these accusations of murder. Maxine drags her husband away and the entire family go to the nearby zoo which has become the home of the pregnant Demonoid brides of the Scourge. A debate has waged by the media on how to treat these women as some see them as merely wild animals whereas others identify them as sentient creatures discriminated against because of their race and feel their treatment is cruel and inhumane. Malcolm has his own debate with Captain Tootsie over this fate as well as his recent actions.


One of the escaped animal-human hybrids rampages throughout Toronto but is soon brought down by Battle Girl. She then hears about another incident across town and heads over where she comes under assault by the enraged Demon King. Angel puts up a decent fight but is soon overwhelmed and ends up impaled through the spine on one of the Demon King’s horns. She is soon cast aside by the invader who moves to continue his campaign of violence.


Malcolm is called away from dinner with his family and is forced to leave Maxine alone 


with their kids so that he can intervene in the Demon King situation. A vicious fight ensues in which the Demon King’s horns are snapped off which leads to Malcolm’s fin being torn off. An innocent onlooker is taken hostage but Malcolm manages to call a temporary truce when he promises the Demon King that not all of his people have been killed.


The Demon King is led to the zoo where the Demonoid women are being held and is disgusted that they are being caged like animals. He throws away his hostage and proceeds to liberate his people before beating


 Malcolm down into the ground. The Demonoids are all taken back home underground and Malcolm is forced to accept the outcome as the best possible for now.






5 Pages & Back Cover




Adam McGovern: Story

Paolo Leandri: Story & Art

Dom Regan: Color




Eat More Bikes by Nathan Bulmer

Kevin Days A Week by Kevin Burkhalter

Berkeley Mews by Ben Zachringer

Moonbeard by James Squires

Heck If I Know Comics by Charlie Higson

Foxy by Paul Maybury