The Murderous Menace Of Mako!


February 2023


20 Pages




Erik Larsen: Story & Art


Jack Morelli: Letters


Nikos Koutsis: Colors


Mike Toris: Flats


Gavin Higginbotham: Editor


Jason Shawn Alexander: Cover C


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Malcolm Dragon

Battle Girl

Paul Dragon

The Deadly Duo

– Kill-Cat

– The Kid Avenger

Freak Force

– SuperPatriot

– Barbaric

– Dart III

– Horridus (Corpse Only)

– Lightning Girl

Mighty Man VI

– Ricochet

The Special Operations Strikeforce

– Jeremiah Youngblood (First Appearance)

– Black Terror

– Captain Freedom

– The Clock (Joins)

– Daredevil (Joins)

– Phantom Lady

– Rock

– Samson

– Shock Gibson

– Silver Streak

– Thor the Mighty

– Uncle Sam

– Widow

The Crusader

The Destroyer



GUEST HEROES (Unofficial)







Maxine Jung Dragon

Amy Dragon

Jackson Dragon

Madeline Dragon

Tyrone Dragon

Billy Summers

Cody Runningbear

Hunter Runningbear

Tiffany Runningbear

Dixie Dexter

Jon Day

Justice Armstrong

Liberty Armstrong

Riley (First Appearance)




Mako II (Death Issue)




Malcolm Dragon is consumed with guilt over how him handing over a sample of his blood led to the deaths of an entire hospital full of people, including friends and extended family. Maxine does her best to comfort him over the tragedy. Battle Girl speaks to Malcolm over the phone about the incident as she feels bad about her own part in it. Her call interrupts a failed attempt by Malcolm to track down the missing Mako who has been murdering people all over Toronto. The fugitive Billy Summers narrowly avoids being the next victim as a kindly prostitute that spoke to him is killed instead.



Despite worries over how his presence would be treated, Malcolm attends the funeral for Horridus which has drawn a huge crowd of mourning superheroes. After the ceremony is over, Malcolm is approached by the head of the S.O.S., Jeremiah Youngblood, who announces that he is putting together a west coast roster of the team. He offers the leader of this division to Malcolm, offering up numerous benefits to his family as well as the chance to put together his own team. Moving the family from Toronto to San Francisco is a big move though and he needs time to make such a decision.


In an attempt to put the recent ordeals aside, Malcolm takes his family to the beach. The triplets are allowed to run off and play on their own, making friends amongst the local kids. It is during their play that Amy and her new friend Riley are suddenly attacked by Mako as he emerges from the depths. Riley is grabbed but Amy leaps to defend her and punches the villain in the eye. The half-blinded villain rips off the girl’s arm and prepares to finish her off.


Malcolm leaps into action to save his daughter and declares that he has had enough, he is going to kill his opponent once and for all. A brutal fight ensues in which Mako is left weakened by lightning charges but he still manages to punch a hole through Malcolm’s torso, He moves to kill the hero but the blood from Amy that mixed with his own wounds causes him to transform into a Dragon-form. Malcolm taunts his foe that he is now doomed from the explosive but Mako hopes to murder his foe before that happens.


Inevitably, the Chosen One blood takes its affect and Mako explodes in a shower of blood. Malcolm ends up going to the hospital where he and Amy heal from their injuries. Maxine announces that Jackson has gone missing and could not be found at the beach after all of the commotion. A cop then arrives to show the Dragon family their missing boy that had wandered into their station only it is not Jackson but the fugitive Billy Summers…








8 Pages




R. Alan Brooks: Story


Frank Fosco: Art


Nikos Koutsis: Colors

Mike Toris: Flats


Ferran Delgado: Letters


BACK COVER: Dragon by Eugene Booker