Alex Wilde

Wilde, Sgt. Alex


Personal Information

Name: Sgt. Alex Wilde
Real Name: Alexandria Wilde
Former Aliases: Battle Tank III
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #1 (Of 3)
Group Affiliations: The Chicago Police Department, The Liberty League
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: 09/09/72
Place of Birth: La Mesa, New Mexico
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Darren Wilde (step-father, deceased). Mrs. Wilde (mother, deceased)
Powers: N/A
Weapons: Alex has used both the Battle Tank armor and the power gloves at various times but currently wields neither


Alex Wilde was brought to the United States by her mother from Mexico at a young age following the death of her father. They were amongst a gathering of illegal immigrants that were targeted by the Chicago Police Department. Darren Wilde was part of the raid and upon seeing Alex’s mother; he instantly fell in love with her. The couple began a relationship and was soon married.

After a brief period of happiness, Alex’s mother was knocked down and killed by a car right in front of her. She was then raised solely by her step-father and developed a strong bond with him. Alex joined the police academy in the hope that being a police officer would further this bond but just weeks before her graduation, Darren Wilde was shot and killed whilst on duty.

Upon entering into police service, Alex quickly became a skilled and tough officer and soon became friends and partner to another new arrival, Dragon. This time together led Alex to becoming Dragon’s closest friend behind Frank Darling. This partnership was broken up when Dragon was moved onto the burgeoning Freak Force unit.

Freak Force left the force over issues with restrictions but any reunion with Dragon did not occur due to a number of reasons. Alex was injured when Dragon became possessed by one of Horde’s leeches and rampaged through Chicago. She recovered in Hillman Hospital and was cared for by Dale Fisher, a fireman that had befriended her a while ago and the pair began dating.

Dale was incredibly jealous over the friendship between Dragon and Alex and attempted to keep the two of them apart. This led to a series of arguments that ultimately led to the couple breaking up, although Dale made a futile attempt to reconcile. Alex finally returned to active duty shortly before the Gang War. It was during this period that Chris Robinson joined the force.

While on a mission to evict the Underground Freaks from their home, Chris Robinson saved Alex’s life. When he agreed to give evidence against Howard Niseman over the beating of a freak, Chris became a figure of resentment amongst his fellow officers. Alex came to his defense and the pair soon started dating. Alex and Chris’s relationship got to the point that they even purchased a home together. Dragon realized that Chris was the secret identity of the vigilante Star and demanded that he quit his double life.

After a couple of years together, Alex learned of Chris’s past as Star and lost all trust for him, breaking up their relationship instantly. Chris returned to action as Star by moving away as part of the Special Operations Strikeforce. This left Alex alone on the force but when Dragon returned to Chicago from his own tour of duty with the S.O.S., the two old friends struck up a sexual relationship to help them both get over their feelings for others.

It was shortly after this arrangement began that Dragon was apparently killed by Abner Cadaver, leaving Alex alone once again. She managed to reconcile her differences with Chris Robinson but could not bring herself to forgive the betrayal of trust. Dragon soon returned and although he was to marry Jennifer Murphy, his bride-to-be was replaced by an imposter who was in turn killed.

Dragon was left alone again and Alex did her best to comfort him, leading to another transitional relationship to commence. This ended abruptly when Alex accepted that Dragon would never commit to her as he had done to previous girlfriends. Dragon soon had his mind transferred to another reality and Dark Dragon took his place. He posed as the regular Dragon and ended up moving in with Alex, finally happy to have seemingly won the man she has always loved.

When Dragon returned to his original home, Dark Dragon’s ruse was exposed and he was deposited in Dimension-X. Dragon and Alex both passed through a portal to the other reality where Alex had been killed during Dragon’s possession at the hands of Horde. Alex once more realized that Dragon’s heart belonged to Jennifer and decided to set off in search of Chris Robinson, hoping to rekindle that relationship.

Chris was married with children in this reality and so Alex returned to Chicago and joined the police force. This lasted a while but Dragon handpicked Alex to replace Rex Dexter as the newest Battle Tank. She struggled to deal with this role and the battle-suit she wore ended up getting damaged in battle with the Lummox and then the Nuclear Man. Alex abandoned her superhero career to return to the police, occasionally aided in battles by using the power gloves.

After Mister Glum’s enslavement of humanity came to an end, Alex offered up her apartment to Dragon and his family to live with her. She helped Dragon raise Angel and then Malcolm as both were recovered from Dimension-X. Alex finally accepted that Dragon would never be hers. When her precinct was destroyed and all of her colleagues and friends killed, Alex decided to move away. Chris Robinson’s family had died during Glum’s reign and he had sought Alex out. They fell in love once again and moved away to a secret location where they hoped to be married and live happily ever after.

After many years, Alex is briefly seen along with Chris Robinson watching Dragon’s trial on TV. She is next seen at Malcolm and Maxine’s wedding as a guest. Alex later splits up with Chris and moves back to Chicago and meets up with Dragon after he is released from prison. The two sleep together, but Alex becomes frustrated when Dragon continues to talk about Jennifer Murphy. She begins to steer him towards Jennifer as she is afraid she will once again be hurt by Dragon.

Alex helps fight off aliens when they attack Earth, as well as DarkLord right after. It seems like her and Dragon will finally get together, but he dies when he explodes from injecting Malcolm’s blood. She is later trapped in Dimension-X by the US Government, but is later saved by Freak Force.

She later marries Paul Dragon in a beach front wedding.


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