Darren Wilde

Wilde, Darren


Personal Information

Name: Officer Darren Wilde
Real Name: See above
Former Aliases: N/A
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #146 (Flashback)
Death Issue: Savage Dragon #146 (Flashback)
Cause of Death: Gunned down by a street tough
Group Affiliations: The Chicago Police Department
Height: Around 6′
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Alex Wilde (daughter), Mrs. Wilde (wife, deceased)
Powers: N/A


Darren Wilde was an officer of the Chicago Police Department who took part in a raid on a group of illegal immigrants. It was during the resulting chaos that he came across a young mother whom he instantly fell in love with. Despite a huge language barrier between them, the couple soon married and Darren became the step-father of his new bride’s daughter, Alex.

After his wife was killed in a car accident, Darren became the sole parent to Alex and raised her best he could. A part of him died with his wife and Darren Wilde became more and more distant. His daughter attempted to forge an even closer bond with him by becoming a police officer too but just weeks before her graduation, Darren was killed while on duty.


146 (F/B)