Cover Savage Dragon Vol.2 #10
Direct edition cover

The Savage Dragon #10

May 1994
22 Pages


Erik Larsen: Creator / Writer / Penciller / Inker
Jason Merritt: Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster Creator
Chris Eliopoulos: Letterer
Reuben Rude: Colorist
Jannie Wong: Editor
Tony Kelly and Kell-O-Graphics: Film Output
Josh Eichorn: Queen for a day
Emriotic Mo, Kirk Mobert, Lea Rude, Marie Rude, Patty Stratton Jordan, Quin Supplee, Teeny Wolfe, Tracey Anderson, William Zindel & Olyoptics: Color Separators



Supporting Characters

Chicago Police Department

Newsstand edition cover

Captain James Stewart
Lt. Darren “Bull” McCarthy
Officer Alex Wilde
Officer Phil Dirt
Officer Rita Medermade
Doug Herman (First Appearance)
Frank Darling
Jon Day
R. Richard Richards (First Appearance)


The Vicious Circle
Bad Axe (First Appearance)
The Fiend Entity

Guest Villains

Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster (First Appearance)


A group of smugglers debate whether or not they should lay low for a while after carrying out a number of illegal operations and have no desire to be spotted. One of their own is a super-freak called Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster who dismisses all of his allies’ concerns. When the possibility of the police or even Dragon getting involved, Jimbo reacts with anger. He rejects the notion that the Dragon is tougher than him and seeks to prove his claims.

Cutthroat has killed a number of people in a local store and the sole survivor pleads for his life as the door opens. Dragon walks in and points out that the last time they met he was injured and still defeated Cutthroat who had HellRazor with him. Cutthroat does not heed the hero’s warning which ultimately leads to him suffering yet another defeat at the hands of Dragon.

A routine check-up is carried out on Dragon by Ann Stevens who confirms that he is now back up to full health. It took five weeks for the hand to re-grow but it is theorised that this time would be greatly diminished should there be no other more serious injuries for Dragon’s healing factor to deal with. His regenerated hand has returned exactly the same as it was, down to the fingerprints. This reminds Ann that Ray Wong had asked her to inform Dragon that his fingerprints have been compared with those of Rodney Schwartzblatt and although there are no matches, if Dragon was ever an ordinary human then he has undergone a transformation and nothing can be ruled out just yet.

Dragon departs the hospital and is joined by Rapture who apologises for freaking out when they both discovered his hand had grown back. The couple look set to begin a relationship but Dragon is hesitant to rush into anything. He asks Rapture to respect his desire to take things slowly and she reluctantly agrees to his wishes.

Darren McCarthy attempts to learn just what happened to Frank Darling but Dragon claims to have no idea where his best friend has gone. He states that he did not think it was a good idea for Frank to join him in confronting OverLord but beyond that he does not know anything. Dragon is called away from further interrogation by reports that Jimbo has arrived in Chicago and begun a rampage.

A trail of devastation has been created by Jimbo as he finally gets to confront Dragon, declaring that he has no agenda beyond proving that he is tougher than Dragon. A fight breaks out which rages across the city and causes a large amount of property damage. Alex Wilde catches up to the conflict just as Jimbo seems to claim victory and leave. Dragon declares that he merely took a dive to prevent further damage occurring and it was the easiest way to end the fight. He will simply get Youngblood or someone else to pick up Jimbo as he leaves Chicago.

R. Richard Richards takes advantage of this situation and appears before the media to rant against the influence of Dragon. His mere presence causes other super-freaks to seek him out and cause death and destruction. His speech is heard by a man named Doug Herman who believes everything he hears and begins to cheer for Dragon’s death. This draws him to the attention of the Fiend who selects Doug to become his new host body…

OverLord is shown footage of Mace in battle before getting briefed by Bad Axe on the background of this death-dealing vigilante. Mace has effectively stopped thirty members of the Vicious Circle over the past few weeks and Bad Axe believes that he is unstable enough to be turned to their side. OverLord gives his minion permission to contact Mace with an offer of membership with the Vicious Circle.

Dragon receives a telephone call from the person that resembles Frank Darling. He informs Dragon that he has just become the father to a newborn baby boy. Dragon congratulates his caller, deepening the mystery over whether or not he is really Frank Darling…