Malcolm Dragon

Dragon, Malcolm

Personal Information

Name: Malcolm Dragon
Real Name: Malcolm Eugene Jackson Dragon
Former Aliases: N/A
First Appearance Savage Dragon # 29 (Flash-Forward), Savage Dragon # 33 (birth)
Group Affiliations: N/A
Height: 6′ 4″
Weight: 540 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: N/A
Date of Birth: November 8, 1996
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Base of Operations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Other Distinguishing Features: Two toes, fangs, a fin on his head, disproportionately large upper body and arms
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Maxine Dragon (wife), Jack Dragon (son), Tyrone Dragon (son), Amy Dragon (daughter), Madeline Dragon (daughter) Uncle Willie Jackson (uncle), Dee Dee Jackson (aunt), Dragon (father, deceased), Sharona Jackson/Rapture (mother, deceased), Angel Dragon (step-sister) Jackie Jackson (cousin), Janet Jackson (cousin), Jermaine Jackson (cousin), La Toya Jackson (cousin), Marlon Jackson (cousin), Michael Jackson (cousin), Randy Jackson (cousin), Tito Jackson (cousin), Kevin Gorelick (half-brother), Julia Gorelick (sister-in-law/niece), Krull (half-brother), Richard Lai (father-in-law, deceased), Mei Ling Lai (mother-in-law) Marsha Bradley (half-sister)
Powers: Malcolm Dragon possesses superhuman strength. He has a regenerative ability which allows him to grow back limbs and regenerate missing parts. He also has the ability to generate electricity in his body, inheriting powers from both mother and father.


Malcolm Dragon is the only child of the heroes Dragon and Rapture. He was born extremely premature but due to his unique genetic heritage, he was born as developed and healthy as many full-term babies. This early great news quickly turned sour when Malcolm died in Hillman Hospital. It was decided by his parents not to insist on an autopsy as it seemed clear that Malcolm died due to complications with his premature birth and he was laid to rest in a local cemetery.

However, unbeknownst to both Dragon and Rapture, Malcolm was still alive and well. The secretive Covenant of the Sword organization had abducted the child and left a synthetic double in his place. This covert group had been set-up in the past by the time-traveling Damien DarkLord and were dedicating to building up a private army of superhumans, raising the offspring of known super-powered freaks in the doctrine of the Covenant of the Sword.

Malcolm remained in the care of the Covenant, being raised by an alternate version of his mother, brought over by DarkLord to replace Rapture (whom he had previously killed). He was told of his father but was kept hidden away from Dragon. When he was four years old, Dragon raided the Covenant stronghold to retrieve several abducted children and learned that his son was still alive.

Dragon ended up getting transported to an alternate timeline, leaving his son to continue to grow up in the care of the alternate Rapture. This continued for another couple of years until Universo, the Devourer of Worlds, arrived to

consume the Earth. Malcolm and several other children managed to avoid the end of the world when SoulStar, HotWire and SkyLark took them with them through a portal into Dimension-X.

Malcolm Dragon as a kid This led to a long exile where these survivors fought constantly against alien threats until the adults got caught up in a battle against monsters. The children fled and eventually learned of the existence of Glum World where a portal back home was rumored to exist. Malcolm led his friends to the planet where Mister Glum reluctantly returned them all home, at the behest of the alternate Earth’s Angel Dragon.

Malcolm was finally reunited with his father and Angel Murphy, allowing them to be a family for the very first time. Malcolm and Angel desire to follow in their father’s footsteps as heroes and have thrown themselves into battle against villains such as Mako in an effort to live up to the mantle of Dragon.

When Dragon was killed and subsequently resurrected in his original Emperor Kurr persona, Malcolm had a hard time adjusting. He befriended Flash Mercury and fought against his father. Malcolm has since begun to resemble his father more and more as puberty set in. Angel and he continued their hero training, this time under the tutelage of the veteran hero, SuperPatriot.

It soon becomes apparent that Tierra Jones has a crush on Malcolm and they share a tender moment at Hillman Hospital where Malcolm was visiting an injured Daredevil. Later he and Angel stop a bank robbery by Double Paige and Vein with the unexpected assistance of Powerhouse. Malcolm and Angel continue to bother Rex to find a way to go into Dimension-X only to find him full of excuses. Neither one realizes that Rex has been replaced by Robot Rex who is under the command of Kurr. The two eventually have had enough and bust into Robot Rex’s underground base and through the fact that Robot Rex did not know the name are of Rex’s daughter they are able to discover the charade. Robot Rex tells the duo that Rex and his family are in Dimension-X and that Kurr is going to extinguish every human life.

Kurr is able to kill every human on Earth, and Malcolm bears witness to the destruction firsthand. He is able to witness Wildstar literally age into goo as the the gas unleashed by Kurr makes anyone human age to their death within seconds. He and Angel try to stop Kurr by bringing a frozen Virus Dragon to battle Kurr, but they are derailed by Kurr attacking. Angel is brutally murdered and while Malcolm puts up a fight he has his neck ripped out by Kurr and then beaten to death. However, due to Dragon traveling back in time to kill Kurr before these events, he is alive and well.

Malcolm is next seen foiling a bank robbery by The Cutthroat Kid. He later attends a funeral for Dragon, but considers it a joke as there is no body within the casket. Malcolm soon begins to become popular in the public’s eye and is constantly appearing on news outlets and even TV shows. One evening while in his room, his half brother Krull teleports into his room and tells him that his father really was an alien and that Emperor Kurr was his fathers true persona. Krull invites Malcolm to spend the rest of his life with his people aboard their ship, but Malcolm doesn’t believe him as he thinks this might be some sort of trick. Krull bids him farewell and leaves.

Later, Captain Stewart asks if he can request Malcolm and Angels help at times of need and the pair agree. During a raid on a VC hideout, Malcolm is brutally beaten to an inch of his life by MoreGore. Angel responds by punching MoreGore’s head into a bloody mush and cradles an injured Malcolm in her arms realizing how much he means to her. She takes him to Hillman Hospital where he makes a full recovery. During this incident it is discovered that Malcolm does indeed share his fathers healing factor. A bit later Malcolm and Angel visit Robot Rex and discover someone has taken the body of Virus Dragon. This gives Malcolm hope that his father might eventually return. Later a government base Malcolm and Angel are told that Kurr’s body was also stolen and video footage reveals that it was Krull and Darklord who stole the body.

Later while playing basketball he is approached by Willie Jackson who is his uncle. Suspecting that Willie is only contacting him for selfish reasons, he rejects Willie as a family member. Malcolm soon encounters Thunder-Head at a robbery and the two appear evenly matched. During the scuffle Thunder-Head is able to escape. Malcolm and Angel are soon in a fight with a man named Warren Terror and the duo are unable to capture the man. Malcolm is soon to graduate 8th grade and is chosen by Principle McGee to be the speaker of his graduating class. During his speech Malcolm claims to not be a hero, but the people who are real heroes are those like his teacher Mr.Apples. Mr Apples who once hated Malcolm and opposed him being the speaker is moved to tears by the speech. While spending some time with his now girlfriend Tierra he is attacked by Warren Terror. In self defense Malcolm burns and murders Warren Terror to a crispy shell.

Mildred Darling later reveals to Malcolm a news article in which Willie Jackson claims that Malcolm told him to drop dead. Angel and Malcolm later battle Snake Eyes who knocks down a building during the battle killing P.J.’s parents. The duo take P.J. to Rocks diner where they run into Glum and Angels counterpart after they flee the diner for using fake money. During the battle Angel’s counterpart is critically injured by a sharp boomerang thrown by Daredevil. While Glum flees with Angel’s counterpart in his arms, Angel beings to choke Daredevil for making everything worse until Malcolm calms her down.

Malcolm now begins High School where he is constantly being harassed by Adrian Weatherspoon, AKA “Spoons”. Malcolm is able to shrug off Spoons insults and walks away. While walking home with the Little Wise Guys, Malcolm is once again harassed by Spoons, but does nothing as Spoons punches Malcolm in the face only to hurt his hand. Seconds later, OverLord III shows up requesting Malcolm to join him, however Malcolm starts a fight with him that results in a large amount of property damage. Only through the berating given to them by Spoons do the two end their quarrel and OverLord III flees. Once he arrives home he walks into Angel’s room only to see her sleeping naked with Frank Jr. As he goes into the kitchen he gets a phone call from his father, Dragon. Dragon (who is still alive) then sends a projection down to Malcolm and Angels home where he reveals that he is ok. Malcolm who had walked in on Angel sleeping with Frank Jr. reveals to Dragon that she had slept with Frank Jr.

Malcolm is invited as a guest on Jerry Rivers TV talk show and Angel decides to go along with him. On the plane ride to New York she is slightly upset over Malcolm telling Dragon about her night with Frank.Jr, but is willing to get over it and actually suggests Malcolm take the next step with Tierra whom he is now dating. During their visit to NY they help stop a gigantic Osama Bin Laden who is on a rampage through the city. Afterwards, the attend the Jerry Rivers TV show.

After beating Headcase in a brawl, he is approached by Tierra who breaks up with him, as she has discovered their relationship is not what she thought it would be. He is then approached by Maxine, but it is too distracted by the bevy of school girls interested in him to notice her affections for him. Soon the Tyrrus Combine attack Malcolm’s school and he is able to witness Spoons cut in half by one of the Tyrraneans. Malcolm with Angel begin to defend their school before realizing how vast the attack has become. Malcolm is badly injured and Angel takes him into a building to recuperate. While attending to his wounds Angel suggests that they sleep together as the world is ending. Malcolm says this is a bad idea and that they need to keep fighting. They visit Rex Dexter who is able to get them in communication with the Elder Gods who send AllGod to stop the Tyrrus Invasion. While AllGod does succeed in stopping the invasion, he is brutally murdered by the U.S. Air Force.

Malcolm and Angel soon run into Thunder-Head and WarGod who are trying to resurrect SkulFace. During the confrontation WarGod is killed and Malcolm discovers that Thunder-Head is his half brother as Rapture is their mother. He allows Thunder-Head to escape, to Angels displeasure. Later Malcolm tries to talk to her to see if she was serious about sleeping with him during the invasion, but she claims it was a mistake. Apparently there was a camera in the building and a gossip magazine claims Angel and Malcolm are having an affair. Angry, Malcolm storms the gossip rag to talk to the writer Willy Williams only to discover OverLord III is already there. The two battle which leaves Malcolm in critical condition, but he is saved by Angel.

Angel graduates High School and decides to celebrate with her friends in Malcolm’s hospital room. There, news arrives that Daredevil is in a battle with OverLord III and Angel and Malcolm go to the scene. However, their battle with OverLord is short lived as Dragon arrives and beats OverLord III with little effort and it is discovered that OverLord III is actually Flash Mercury. Before a real reunion can occur between everyone, Dragon is arrested by Captain Stewart for the crimes he committed as Kurr.

While Angel and Malcolm discuss what they need to do, Angel tells Malcolm that Maxine likes him and that he should ask her out. He is later asked to recount the events leading up to Dragon turning into Kurr by Dragons lawyer as they try to prepare his case. Soon after, Malcolm visits Maxine at her job Hot Dog on a Stick and asks her out on a date. She accepts.The two begin dating and they attend Frank Jr’s. and Tierra’s wedding together. Malcolm and Angel briefly team up to try and take down the Claw, but are quickly defeated. After the fight Angel leaves Chicago to head to Washington D.C. to join the S.O.S.

Macolm along with Daredevil and The Little Wise Guys are next seen how to handle the threat of the Claw. During the discussion Malcolm is informed that they are practically immortal due to their blood. All the parties are unaware that they are being watched by Dart. Within the span of minutes we next see Malcolm stop a rampaging Mako as well as stopping a jail break for the Cutthroat Kid. Malcolm is later informed by Thunder-Head of the Claw’s impending invasion of Chicago, and thanks to this information, Malcolm and his allies are able to defeat the Claw.

Malcolm later goes and visits Frank Jr. who is now working at a grocery story and has given up on his dreams. Malcolm gives him some money and tells him to not give up so easily. Malcolm then goes and visits Thunder-Head in the hospital and tells him that he may never walk again due to the damage done to him by the Claw. Later Malcolm gets a call that Battle Axe is on the loose and he goes after her. During the battle Malcolm accidentally kills her by electrocution and her son, Battle Dragon vows revenge upon Malcolm’s head.

Malcolm later visits Dragon in prison and is told by his father to be careful with using his powers/killing people as he could end up in prison as well. Malcolm then meets Maxine’s parents, but it doesn’t go as well as Malcolm had hoped. However, due to Maxine’s parents dislike of Malcolm, Malcolm tells Maxine that he would be willing to marry her and their relationship reaches a new level. Malcolm soon wants to move out of Mildred’s home as Frank and Tierra have moved back in. He wants to get a place with Maxine, but she refuses as she is afraid of her parents reaction. Maxine then breaks up with Dragon, to appease her parents.

Malcolm along with Angel visit Dragon who has lost all his Chosen One powers and is now moving to another prison. After the visit Malcolm and Angel are attacked by a super-powered Brenda Funk seeking revenge over Adrian’s death. The battle quickly ends and Angel once again leaves Chicago. Malcolm soon leaves the home of the Darlings and find a cheap beat down apartment. He also goes to a new High School where he is treated like sensation and attracts the attention of all the school kids. He also becomes a bounty hunter and kills the villain known as Tantrum who is destroying property and killing innocents.

Malcolm is later attacked by Torment II whom ends up killing Lamarr and a few innocent girls. Malcolm in a fit of rage electrocutes Torment whom he had already defeated. Malcolm soon encounters the VC and Dart II and injured to the point where he is sent to the hospital where he is visited by Maxine. She has been dating guys at her parents behest, but it’s obvious the pair both still love each other. Malcolm is soon attacked by Red Rage and during the battle Red Rage explodes. He is badly burnt and is found by the Bellco freaks who want him to end the Bellco empire. He is able to escape, but is soon attacked by VC members who were searching for him. During the battle he transforms into a mutated version of himself due the food the Bellco freaks gave him. While in this form he kills multiple members of the VC and soon goes after Bellco, but is quickly hit with the antidote and reverts to normal and is then attacked by Dart II who he quickly defeats. He takes the antidote and helps many of the freaks revert back to normal. However, due the lack of his blood being available to him and the antidote being used on him, Malcolm loses his electrical powers.

Malcolm later goes underground to save Officer Frank Darling Jr. who went under to investigate. Malcolm is able to save Frank, but is soon attacked by the multiple races fighting underground. The Demonoids attack the surface because of Malcolm, but retreat after Malcolm kills one of their leaders. Maxine later moves in with him and the pair have sex. Angel comes over as she needs help finding Dragon who had been kidnapped by the VC and the trio then engage in a threesome. Malcolm and Angel later find Dragon who was able to escape the VC on his own.

It is later discovered that Maxine video taped the threesome and Malcolm watches it with Maxine. When Dart attacks the Bellco plant Malcolm goes over there to fight her. She transforms into a shark lady, and the fight only ends due to an explosion. Malcolm is knocked out and hidden under snow for three days and when he finally heads back to his apartment he finds Tierra taking a shower. He then engages in foursome with Angel, Tierra, and Maxine. However. he then makes it clear to Maxine that he doesn’t want to share her any longer, and the pair agree. After being hurt in a battle with Dart, he is confronted by Tierra in the hospital who says that she is pregnant. Malcolm suggests that she get an abortion which she refuses.

Later while in line for a movie Malcolm is attack by Angel Murphy who reveals she is pregnant. After calming down, Malcolm suggest she get an abortion. When Malcolm and Maxine later go to their apartment it is ransacked and their laptops having been discovered to be stolen. Maxine soon reveals to Malcolm that she is also pregnant. Soon after Malcolm graduates High School. Malcolm later goes into Dimension-X to arrest Glum and is able to finally subdue the elusive villain.

Malcolm soon gets married to Maxine and their wedding goes down without a hitch and Malcolm soon begins his life as a police officer taking a few foes down without much of a problem. Malcolm nearly misses Maxine giving birth due to fighting a few foes, but makes it there just in the nick of time. Malcolm soon discovers he has three beautiful babies. A daughter from Maxine, and a son from Angel as well as Tierra. His kids are soon kidnapped by Dart II, but Malcolm is able to rescue them soon after.

Malcolm is later recruited by Ant to stop Alzayah Stone from destroying the world. This turns out to be the Mighty One, who with the help of Ant and Spawn, are able to defeat resulting in the Mighty One’s death. Malcolm later tries to help Maxine find a cure for her father’s cancer, but to an avail as he still dies. Malcolm is later in court when Glum is able to escape from his court hearing. Malcolm later picks up his father from jail, when President Obama gives Dragon a pardon. Malcolm soon discovers he has a half-sister named Marsha Bradley whose mother was Rapture. He introduces her around, and while visiting their step brother Thunder-Head, the Earth is attacked by aliens which Malcolm begins to fight. The aliens are soon defeated, but then the Earth is attacked by DarkLord. Malcolm is unable to defeat him, but Dragon injects Malcolm’s blood and is able to kill DarkLord. However, as Malcolm and Dragon are talking, Dragon explodes.

President Donald Trump later decrees that all aliens are no no longer welcome in the United States, and Malcolm is soon told he is under arrest. However, this turns out to be a ruse to get him out of the country, and Malcolm moves to Canada. He soon become part of a reality TV show where cameras follow Malcolm and show the world his daily life. It is also revealed he is having another child with Maxine which she later gives birth to and they name Maddy.


Sci-Fi Special 2021 (cameo, unofficial)

3D Cowboy’s Cosmic Convict Challenge(rs) (FCBD)

3, 4, 5


Oneshot (cover only)

32, 33




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