Maxine Jung Dragon

Dragon, Maxine Jung

Personal Information

Name: MJ
Real Name: Maxine Jung Dragon
Former Aliases: Maxine Jung Lai
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #68
Group Affiliations: N/A
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 102 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: October 24, 1994
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Base of Operations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Other Distinguishing Features: Maxine has freckles.
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Richard Lai (Father, deceased), Mei Ling Lai (Mother), Malcolm Dragon (Husband), Dragon (father-in-law, deceased), Jack Dragon (stepson), Tyrone Dragon (stepson), Amy Dragon (daughter), Madeline Dragon (daughter), Julia Gorelick (half-sister/niece), Uncle Willie Jackson (uncle-in-law), Dee Dee Jackson (aunt-in-law), Sharona Jackson/Rapture (mother-in-law, deceased), Angel Dragon (step-sister-in-law, deceased), Jackie Jackson (cousin-in-law), Janet Jackson (cousin-in-law), Jermaine Jackson (cousin-in-law), La Toya Jackson (cousin-in-law), Marlon Jackson (cousin-in-law), Michael Jackson (cousin-in-law), Randy Jackson (cousin-in-law), Tito Jackson (cousin-in-law), Kevin Gorelick (half brother-in-law), Krull (half brother-in-law, deceased)
Powers: N/A


Maxine was one of Angel Murphy’s friends when she first attended Kindergarten. She has remained friends with her over the years and remains close with Angel to the present day.

Maxine later showed interest in Malcolm, especially after Tierra Jones dumped him. Unfortunetly for her, Malcolm’s newfound popularity among the girls at his school has led to him neglecting to notice her interest. She later confronts Angel over the tabloid report that Malcolm and Angel were lovers. She gives the paper to Angel and walks away.

She is next seen visiting Malcolm in the hospital as well as celebrating Angel’s 18th birthday simultaneously.

She later follows Frank Jr. who she see’s meeting up with Tierra. Later, while working at Hot Dog on a Stick, Malcolm visits her and asks her out on a date. She excitely accepts. The two begin dating and they attend Frank Jr’s. and Tierra’s wedding together. Maxine and Malcolm are shown spending a lot of time together and getting along rather well, to the point where she is pushing Malcolm to meet her parents. Malcolm finally meets Maxine’s parents, but it doesn’t go as well as both would have liked. However, due to this event Malcolm reveals that he would like to marry Maxine and the two become closer.

Malcolm asks Maxine to move in with him, but she refuses due to the fear of how her parents would react. She later breaks up with him due to her parents not being happy with Malcolm. However, when Malcolm in sent to the hospital due to a battle with the VC she comes and visits him and obviously is still in love with him. She has been dating other guys at her parents behest, and she gets upset when Malcolm suggest he do the same. They are interrupted when Red Rage attacks and takes Malcolm away. She then goes to searching for Malcolm and runs into the police and they all witness Malcolm transform. She tries to talk Malcolm down after he transforms, but he is attacked by the VC. After Malcolm reverts back to normal, she visits him in the hospital.

Maxine finally steps up against her parents and moves in with her boyfriend, Malcolm Dragon, as she is tired of them trying to control her life. She moves in with Malcolm and they finally have sex. They also have a threesome with Angel Murphy. Awwwwww yeeeah. It also turns out she video taped the threesome and she watches it with Malcolm. She also lets Tierra live with her after Tierra breaks up with Frank JR. and wanted to get a divorce.

She later engages in a foursome with Malcolm, Angel, and Tierra. Tierra then confronts Maxine and tells her that she plans on stealing Malcolm before Maxine punches her in the face. She along with Malcolm then decide to no longer have sexual encounters with other people. She later becomes engaged to Malcolm.

Later while returning home from the theaters, it is discovered that someone broke into her and Malcolm’s apartment and stole their laptops. Maxine later reveals that she is pregnant to Malcolm and very happy to share a future with Malcolm. Maxine and Malcolm soon got married and their wedding went down without a hitch.

Maxine’s water soon breaks and she fears Malcolm won’t be present during the birth and becomes quite worried. However, Malcolm makes it to the hospital in the nick of time. Maxine gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her child is soon kidnapped by Dart II but is rescued by Malcolm soon after. Maxine decides to also take care of Malcolm’s other two children from Angel and Tierra. They prove to be a handful, but she enlists the aid of friends in helping her.

Maxine DragonHer father later dies of cancer despite her and Malcolm’s best effort in finding a cure. She continues to take care of the children and has a few wild episodes, one during a wine night with Angel. During an alien attack on Earth, he apartment begins to crumple while Thunder-Head tries to save her. Thankfully, Thunder-Head is able to save her and when all the multiple universes are merged she is able to see the different timelines where her life is much more mundane. She confirms with Malcolm that she doesn’t want to sleep with other men and is present when Dragon blows up after the battle with DarkLord.

She later moves to Canada with her family after Donald Trump makes aliens illegal in America. After a little time in Canada, Maxine becomes pregnant once again with Malcolm’s child which she eventually has and names Maddy. She is later raped to death by the Demonoid Basilisk, but returns to life after being given Malcolm’s blood.  She is traumatized due to this event and later injects herself with PJ’s blood on her 25th birthday so she can remain young forever as she now fears death.



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One-shot (B/U)