Dart I

Dart I


Personal Information

Name: Jill August
Real Name: Unknown
Former Aliases: Mighty Man IV
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #2
Death Issue: Savage Dragon #112
Cause of Death: Head punched apart by Mako
Group Affiliations:The Chicago Police Department, Freak Force, The Special Operations Strikeforce
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Date of Birth: August 12, 1969
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
Other Distinguishing Features:
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: John Marvel/Bill August (Sgt. Marvel, father, deceased), Alice Summers (sister, deceased), Richard Summers (brother-in-law, deceased), Alison Summers (Dart II, niece) Jane August (sister)
Powers: Dart has the powers and abilities of an adult female in top physical shape. She’s trained in a number of forms of martial arts and possesses an uncanny aiming ability that she utilizes with deadly accuracy. She also was temporary host for the Mighty Man entity, having all of the abilities inherent in that form.
Weapons: Dart carries a large number of specialized darts that explode, catch fire, release smoke, tear gas and laughing gas or simply impale.


Jill August witnessed bullying from a very early age. Her mother was constantly being abused by her father; friends at school were often assaulted by the coach. When she and a friend, Terri Holmes, were assaulted in a Detroit bar, her internal rage finally reached boiling point. Jill was pushed backward into a dart board. As their assailants pressed their advantage, Jill instinctively hurled darts and impaled the attackers with pin-point accuracy, blinding one man and castrating another. Feeling good with herself, Jill decided to continue with her newfound ability to channel her anger.

She took up the costumed guise of Dart upon discovering her deadly ability and quickly trained in a number of martial arts. Dart began a respected career defending the city of Detroit, occasionally teaming with the self-obsessed Kill-Cat, who was convinced his female ally had a crush on him.

After about three years of service as a vigilante, Dart was recruited by the Chicago Police Department to join their new Freak Force program. This unit did not remain with the police for very long due to too many restrictions and they broke away as bounty hunters, adding more members to its ranks.

Freak Force went on to battle a number of menaces, ranging from the supervillains like the Fantastical Force, the Covenant of the Sword, the Throwaways, Master Atom, Bludgeon, their own evil clones and the Frightening Force, to the extraterrestrial Martians, Matrix Swarm and Cosmic Cops. They even faced off against other heroes like Badrock, the WildC.A.T.s and Cyber Force. Her friendship with SuperPatriot eventually led to Dart dating his son, Justice, whom she stayed with for awhile.

Eventually, Dart accompanied most of her teammates in joining the United States government’s new team, the Special Operations Strikeforce. Dart was considered too much of a liability by the team’s directors, Stephenson and Hawkins, and was refused active status for a number of months. Upon finally proving her ability, Dart joined a death squadron heading for Lieberheim to eliminate the insane dictator, Dread Knight. The armored villain became locked in combat with the Kid Avenger and a stray energy blast ricocheted off the pair and burned Dart’s legs off above the knees.

Dart was relegated to team trainer for a few years until she attended the funeral of her former teammate Ann Stevens, the second Mighty Man. It was there that the former members of Freak Force were attacked by the evil Mighty Man, Chelsea Nirvana. Due to chronic starvation, the villain died in battle with Dragon and the powers were passed onto Dart, finally giving her power and mobility to prove herself to all those that doubted her.

This new Mighty Man’s first mission was to locate his long missing former teammate SuperPatriot. After an information exchange with the Vicious Circle’s leader, PowerHouse, the hero joined the Dragon in raiding a prime Covenant of the Sword facility. Both heroes faced down one another for a conflict that could claim both their lives but both were taken prisoner by DarkLord. Dragon later rescued them both and Mighty Man IV managed to kill his former captor with a pinpoint accurate throw of a large spire through DarkLord’ chest.

Mighty Man IV went onto become one of the core members of the S.O.S., fighting alongside her fellow superheroes on the occasional mission. There were very few supervillains left to battle in the world and so the group rarely saw any action. When Universo struck, the S.O.S. launched a counter-attack but was quickly defeated.

In the reality that Dragon ended up in after his clash with Damien DarkLord, Dart actually avoided contact with much of the outside world. After her arrival on the Chicago Police Department, she and the vigilante Star attempted to stop a mass breakout at Stronghold Penitentiary. When Wreckage attempted to rape her, Mako killed him and fled with the woman, taking her to a vacant island in the Coral Sea.

The two soon became friends and eventually lovers after Mako had exaggerated the extent of the damage caused by alien invasions, stating that humanity was now gone. When this lie was exposed, Mako reluctantly returned to the outside world with Dart and they worked alongside former Freak Force members Barbaric, Ricochet and Horridus.

Dart eventually fell out of love with Mako and started dating Justice instead. Mako did not respond well to these developments and abducted Dart, taking her back to their old home in the Coral Sea. Dragon and Horridus pursued but in the ensuing battle, Mako mistakenly hit Dart in the head, splattering it apart. She was taken home for a funeral where it was later revealed that her father was Sgt. Marvel and that her niece had now taken over the mantle of Dart.




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