Personal Information

Name: Officer Amy Belcher
Real Name: See above
Former Aliases: Sensation, She-Dragon
First Appearance: The Savage Dragon vs The Savage Megaton Man
Group Affiliations: The Nixed Men, The M.M.M.S, The Chicago Police Department, The Special Operations Strikeforce
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Date of Birth: 02/14/76
Place of Birth: Anaheim, California
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
Other Distinguishing Features: She-Dragon has green skin
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Dr. Sherman Belcher (Father, deceased)
Powers: Superhuman strength, above-average agility, bulletproof skin. She is moderately impervious to flame


Amy Belcher was a typical “valley girl” from a middle class family in southern California. Her abusive father caught an unspecified disease during a tour of duty in Vietnam, and somehow passed it onto Amy. When the child was born, the strain killed her mother, earning the resentment of her father. As she reached her teen years, Amy became extremely sick, being hospitalized by the strange virus. She was cured by the reclusive freak the Creator who saved her life and gave her super-powers. The abusive man dubbed the girl Sensation and made her his own private sex toy.

Sensation remained with her re-creator for a number of years but was eventually abandoned when five voices from another realm, the Eternal Youths, began to speak through her mind. These beings were young Gods from the dimension which held the planet Darkworld, an alternate Earth. When the Creator abandoned her, she joined several others of the Creator’s ex-operatives as a member of the Nixed Men, who beat up and murdered homeless people. It was with the Nixed Men that she first encountered, attacked, and was defeated by the Dragon, whom she then became obsessed with.

Believing her delinquency to be a result of mental illness, and diagnosing her as “cured,” doctors quickly let her out of jail. Sensation took on a new name, “She-Dragon,” and attempted to become a partner to her former captor, Dragon. After she had her hair burned off in a battle with the robotic Dragon-Slayer, She-Dragon grew a fin-like Mohawk and tried to prove her worthiness of being a police officer by defeating Rapture, a task that she failed.

The Nixed Men, who had been sprung from Dr. Verlag’s work-camp by Freak Force, recruited Amy into Chelsea Nirvana’s criminal army. She-Dragon infiltrated their ranks but left messages for Officer Dragon on their activities in an effort to show him that she was serious in her desire to join the police force. Ultimately, the group was unable to usurp control of the criminal organization the Vicious Circle from CyberFace. Nirvana had her new powers stripped away by the villain Negate and the essence was destroyed forever.

Disguised as Chicago Police Captain Jose Mendosa, the villain Imposter had Dragon run off the police force and Amy was named as his replacement, as his master, Horde, assumed that she could be easily overwhelmed. Things didn’t work out as planned when Chris Robinson used his skills and abilities that he learned while Star, to train the young woman, allowing her to prove her usefulness and becoming a dangerous force for good.

She-Dragon was finally poached from the police force by the Special Operations Strikeforce, being assigned to the Chicago branch of the government team. She served there for a few years as one of their more formidable hand-to-hand fighters. When the second Nega-Bomb went off and removed the abilities of freaks around the world, She-Dragon went back to her previous occupation with the police. Amy Belcher ended up marrying Howard Niseman.

After Dragon moved to another reality to live, he encountered She-Dragon who had never got out of her original “valley girl” persona. She remained infatuated with Dragon and when she encountered the hero, she agreed to help the Eternal Youths open a portal to Dragon’s original universe using a device created by Rakkum, who had hoped to bring over another version of DarkLord to this world.

After this event, She-Dragon attempted to re-enter into Dragon’s life by offering her services to the Liberty League now that Jennifer Dragon had lost her powers. Her burning of Weed when he was ready to back down from a fight with Dragon through simple conversation led to her being written off as useless.

When Mister Glum was seen sneaking out of Dragon’s bedroom by She-Dragon, she pursued the alien dictator into the Liberty League’s sub-basement headquarters. She was thrown into the Void with her belongings and was left drifting. She-Dragon noticed the planet that Mister Glum hailed from and decided to head off in that direction.

As she approached Glum World, She-Dragon was abducted and taken to the planet Thrall where she was entrusted to the slave-driver known as Battle Axe. She herself served its emperor and warlord, Emperor Gorgod, and took great delight in tormenting the heroine. The prisoner spent a year or so in captivity where she developed her powers and fighting skills.

She-Dragon made a desperate attempt to escape but after she was caught, execution was surprisingly not her punishment. Instead, She-Dragon became the latest addition to Emperor Gorgod’s harem of women to serve as his sex slave. She refused such an occupation and escaped once more, strengthened by months of hard labor and other such tortures.

Emperor Gorgod was furious by this defiance and tried to kill his intended lover but she instead defeated him in battle before decapitating him with a sword. She-Dragon was united with Angel Murphy and the pair returned to Glum World. They used the teleportation systems there to reappear on Earth where they met up with Dragon.

She-Dragon used her new skills to become a formidable hero of Chicago which led her to defending Belinda Bell from the Uglies Unlimited. These freaks were going to use their intended hostage to force Bellco Chemicals to reveal that they were intentionally creating mutants in order for them to then sell their Freak Out product to cure them. She-Dragon was taken prisoner instead and was herself mutated.

After many months in captivity, a mutated She-Dragon escaped and rampaged through a Bellco Chemicals plant where she encountered Emperor Kurr, still pretending to be Dragon. He defeated her as guards shot She-Dragon with Freak Out that transformed her back to her original human form. Since becoming human, Amy Belcher has signed up with the Chicago Police Department.

Malcolm later visits her in hopes she could help with a cure for Maxine’s father’s cancer, but she gives him no easy answers.


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