Personal Information

Name: Octopus
Real Name: Mr. Wipple
Former Aliases: N/A
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #12
Death Issue: Savage Dragon #161
Cause of Death: Thrown head first into the ground by Emperor Kurr
Group Affiliations: The Vicious Circle
Height: Around 6′
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Unseen (due to glasses)
Hair: White
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
Other Distinguishing Features: Octopus has the beak of an octopus on his torso, as well as four huge tentacles
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Waylon Wipple (son), Wilma Wipple (wife)
Powers: Prehensile, bulletproof and superhumanly strong tentacles


The man who would become Octopus is actually a lot older than he appears, having served as something of a mentor to Antonio Seghetti when he was growing up. Antonio Seghetti would eventually grow up to become the brutal OverLord, leader and founder of the Vicious Circle.

Octopus grew frustrated with the method of leadership employed by OverLord and set about working with his fellow scientist, OpenFace, on finding a way of removing him from power. The duo broke into the main warehouse of Donner Electronics in search of a device that could grant them command over CyberFace, recently resurrected by the United States government’s Project: Born Again.

Although OpenFace was taken into custody, Octopus managed to avoid arrest and eventually located and enslaved CyberFace. Dragon tried to locate the elusive villain but it was not until Howard Niseman got abducted after getting too close to Octopus that Dragon could finally confront his prey. Octopus was arrested, sitting in jail as the Vicious Circle launched a failed assassination attempt on the similarly locked up CyberFace.

Octopus remained locked up in Stronghold Penitentiary until Alex Wilde and Howard Niseman sought his assistance in taking out CyberFace. The villain had seized control of Chicago following the Martian invasion and it was thought that Octopus could bring him under control once more. Instead, Octopus broke free whilst in transport; coming across CyberFace’s severed head (blown free from his body when Dragon struck his dangerously unstable body).

The head of CyberFace was grafted to BrainiApe’s gorilla body in order to revive the villain. Octopus then joined forces with PowerHouse (and later OpenFace and Baby Boom) to form a rebellion to Horde’s rule over the Vicious Circle. They forced Dragon into eliminating their rival under threat of Alex Wilde’s murder. CyberFace was killed for good by Hitler’s Brain, leading ultimately to the rebirth of both BrainiApe and OverLord.

PowerHouse masterminded the defeat of both of these new rivals and took over the leadership of the Vicious Circle, with Octopus and OpenFace as his lieutenants. The two scientists worked alongside a shrunken Dataman to restore the miniaturized Vicious Circle members using a recovered Martian weapon.

In the reality that Dragon ended up in after his confrontation with Damien DarkLord, Octopus had been one of those villains that refused to pledge loyalty to CyberFace. This rebel faction of the Vicious Circle joined Dragon’s rebellion against the King of the World, only for them to be apprehended by the new Liberty League.

The Vicious Circle later reformed with SkullFace as their leader and he had a vendetta against his fellow veteran members. He ordered Octopus and OpenFace to eliminate Dragon but the duo refused to take part in the murder of a man that had saved the entire planet more than once. They instead faked their own deaths and remained hidden for several years, plotting their own rise to power.

When the OverLord armor fell down from space and was recovered by the Chicago Police Department, Octopus and OpenFace used remote control to take possession of it. They fired off a photon blast that annihilated the precinct and killed all of the human police officers present. Their plan to take over the Vicious Circle using the armor as a proxy failed when Dataman betrayed them to someone who became OverLord III.

After their laboratory was destroyed by the new OverLord, Octopus and OpenFace fell in line as the lieutenants of the Vicious Circle’s new leader. They oversaw the creation of the Dragon Army which brought the villains to the attention of Dragon’s newly restored original Emperor Kurr persona. He went after OverLord and looked set to kill him before Octopus and OpenFace joined the fray, meeting their ends at the hands of Kurr.



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