Paul Dragon

Paul Dragon


Name: Paul Dragon
Real Name: See above
Former Aliases: William Jonson
First Appearance: (First Published Appearance) Graphic Fantasy #1 (First Modern Appearance) Savage Dragon #250
Group Affiliations: Partnered with the hero Star and member of the Society Of Superheroes (S.O.S.).
Height: 5’10” (around 6′ at top of crest)
Weight: 450 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: N/A
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Chicago, IL, currently mobile.
Other Distinguishing Features: Green skin, crest on head, two toes.
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Mark Jonson (son), Peter Jonson (son), Susan Wilson (wife, deceased), Angel Dragon (daughter), Dragon (himself from another reality)
Powers: Paul Dragon has vast superhuman strength. His legs are strong enough to enable him to leap a maximum height of 460 feet straight up in the air, and a maximum distance of 945 feet. He is capable of lifting (pressing) approximately 34 tons. He is very nearly impervious to flame. His skin acts like a bullet proof vest; a bullet isn’t capable of penetrating it but a sharp knife thrust by a super human arm can.


Paul Dragon is a version of Dragon from a different timeline.  According to Paul, he came into consciousness when he was merged with William Jonson. William could change into the Dragon and when he did, he donned a cape and cowl to hide his identity. The Dragon fathered two children, Mark and Peter Jonson, who became the heroes the Crusader and the Destroyer. At first William’s persona was the guiding one in his Dragon identity but over time, Paul Dragon gradually asserted his personality. After several years of adventures, Paul gradually took over, turning back to William infrequently.

Desperate to take control of his own life, William sought out the wizard Fon~Ti, who used his powers to separate the two. William was given a new Dragon identity, which was he controlled and Paul Dragon became his own being. Paul Dragon had a child named Angel out of wedlock with his girlfriend Susan Wilson. Paul and Susan were to be married but Sue was killed by the villain Bronze Man at their wedding, after which Paul retired from the S.O.S. to raise their daughter.

Eventually, Paul Dragon went into Dimension-X in a desperate attempt to find an alternate reality version of his slain wife. After the Merging of Multiple Worlds, Paul was given the shared memories of the Dragon from every alternate timeline. Paul Dragon appeared in the current Savage Dragon continuity when he showed up at Malcolm Dragon‘s door out of the blue. Paul ends up making new friendships with a lot of people in his new universe and begins a relationship with Alex.  When a new Mako shows up, he believes it to be his version, but it’s not and the new Mako bites his arm off.

He later marries Alex Wilde in a beach front wedding.