Samurai Strikes!


April 2023


20 Pages




Erik Larsen: Story & Art


Jack Morelli: Letters


Nikos Koutsis: Colors


Mike Toris: Flats


Gavin Higginbotham: Editor


Gary Frank: Cover C


Josh Eicchorn: close before striking




Malcolm Dragon

Paul Dragon

North Force

– The Canadian

– Blue Jay

– The Flame

– Grizzly

– The Jet

– The Knight

– The Raptor

Captain Tootsie




Maxine Jung Dragon

Amy Dragon

Jackson Dragon

Madeline Dragon

Tyrone Dragon

Alex Wilde

Billy Summers (Death Issue)

Jon Day

Parker (First Appearance)




The Vicious Circle

– Samurai (Death Issue)

– Carmella Toad

– DownLoad

– Fountainhead

– Insect (Corpse Only)

– UnderMind




The corpse of Insect washes up on the beach where the Dragon family had been enjoying themselves up until recently. Jackson is there with his new friend Parker and they carry the dead woman ashore where Jackson attempts to revive her using his blood. The effort fails and the boys head back to the Dragons’ apartment where they fall asleep together.


Alex reels from the story that Paul had told her about his past, upset that she did not feature at all in his life until recently. Paul assures her that since the multiverse was merged that he now has the feelings that a number of his alternate selves had for her. They then get called to the hospital to see their friends and are introduced to Billy. Malcolm asks if they could take the boy in for now as they do not have the space and they eagerly accept.


They head on home where Jackson is reunited with his family and Parker is returned to his own. Alex is concerned that Paul’s return to heroics could interfere with raising Billy but he is positive things will work out for the best. After several months, North Force return from their adventures in space and soon round up every remaining member of the Vicious Circle on the loose, save for Samurai.



With news that Samurai cannot be located reaching Malcolm, he discusses it with Paul as the family go for a walk together in the snow. Billy believes that he could lead them back to where he used to live but before they can agree on how best to proceed, Samurai leaps out from nowhere and imbeds a sword into Billy’s head. Paul, Alex and Maxine gather up the rest of the children and flee in their cars to the nearest hospital to try and save Billy’s life.


Meanwhile, Malcolm is left to face Samurai alone and mocks the veteran villain for her failure to unite the Vicious Circle, her attire and her ageing out of her role. Malcolm ends up breaking Samurai’s sword and ends up knocking off her gas mask. Samurai immediately drops dead and begins to age up and rot away. Unfortunately, Billy died from his injuries, leaving Paul and Alex to mourn his death and their lost chance to start a family together.






The Kid and The Dragon


6 Pages




Connor Tierney: Story & Art




Malcolm Dragon




Kid Eastwood




Mako II




Mako comes to Yew Nork City after his latest clash with the Vicious Circle and finds himself going up against this city’s primary superhero, Kid Eastwood, The young hero initially takes a beating before he is assisted by the pursuing Malcolm Dragon. Both heroes combine their best offense against their foe and eventually are able to knock out Mako. As Malcolm heads up for home, he is asked if their adventure is canon but Kid Eastwood is told that all is up to Erik Larsen.




???: Vanguard & Wally


???: Battle Girl