Cover Savage Dragon Vol.2 #226

Savage Dragon #226

August 2017
20 Pages


Erik Larsen: Story & Art
Chris Eliopoulos: Letters
Nikos Koutsis: Colors
Mike Toris: Flats
Gavin Higginbotham: Editor
Josh Eicchorn: may contain peanuts


Malcolm Dragon
Battle Girl
Dragon (Image Only)
Freak Force
Dart III
Marsha Bradley
Mighty Man VI
The Special Operations Strikeforce

Supporting Characters

Maxine Jung Dragon
Amy Dragon
Jack Dragon
Tyrone Dragon
Chicago Police Department
Captain Jack Stewart
Officer Frank Darling JR
Officer Jordan Gordon
Alex Wilde
Dr Larry Bradford
Nurse Ann Stevens
Jennifer Murphy
Janey (IU)
Janey (SW)
Jon Day
Mark Jonson
Peter Jonson
Rita Jonson
William Jonson
Mildred Darling


Real World:
President Donald Trump


The funeral for Dragon is held which brings out numerous friends, allies and family the event to mourn his passing. Malcolm and Alex comfort one another over the loss of Dragon, whom they both care about deeply. Jennifer is less convinced that Dragon is dead though and believes that he will come back, even if they have to find a way themselves. Angel does not see how they can accomplish this considering Dragon barely left any remains once his body liquefied and exploded.

Mark and Peter Jonson are reunited with the Janey twins and it becomes clear that there is a mutual attraction there between them. Mighty Man speaks with her parents about death and is told that perhaps only the Mighty Man entity will outlive them all. Malcolm is approached by the media who question him about whether Dragon was involved in DarkLord’s plan but then also mention something about a potential plan to deport or exterminate all aliens that the President has put forward.

Angel and Jennifer Murphy bring down a pair of aliens that had been hiding out since the recent invasion and accompany their prisoners to the S.O.S. compound. The invaders are returned to Dimension-X which has now become an alien dumping ground and has been made out of bounds for all members of the S.O.S. Jennifer has an idea about going into Dimension-X to use DarkLord’s time-travel device to go back in time to get Dragon negated before he dies. Alex Wilde, armed with the remaining power glove, agrees to join Jennifer and Angel and they all pass into Dimension-X, only to find their target destroyed.

A new executive order is signed by President Trump that outlaws all aliens within the United States which makes Malcolm an illegal citizen. He talks this over with Frank as they round up some looters and they question the legality of this action. Malcolm comes under assault by federal agents sent to apprehend him. He soon defeats them all but then races off to check up on his family who have also been made into targets by the government.

Thunder-Head is fired from his job as the multiverse dying has meant that everyone now has memories of him as a killer and his employer is scared to keep him around. Maxine and the kids are confronted by an angry mob of Trump supporters who start to get aggressive with them all. Amy ends up breaking the finger of one of the protestors which causes them to riot. As rocks, bottles and other items are thrown at the group, the kids go into action to defend themselves and their mother. One desperate man pulls a gun and fires at the group.

Malcolm arrives in time to intercept the bullet and save his family before the police arrive on the scene to scare off the mob. Captain Stewart emerges with a number of other officers to point out that his fight with the federal agents has been reported as him attacking them rather than the other way around. Malcolm defends his actions and protests that he could not let those assaulting his family get away with it, Captain Stewart understands but unfortunately his hands are now tied and he is forced to place the entire family under arrest…

Backup Story


The Awakening!
NOTE: This story takes place during and following SAVAGE DRAGON #219
6 Pages


Erik Larsen: Story
Rob Croonrnborghs: Art & Colors
Ferran Delgado: Letters


Jennifer Murphy




When the alien armada that came to eliminate Mister Glum was engaged in battle with Toady, the tube that kept Jennifer Murphy in suspended animation was destroyed. She is able to stumble across some lockers that contain at least some kind of clothing before she flees away from the carnage. Jennifer leaves to explore her surroundings and is attacked by a savage beast. The confused woman manages to eventually kill her assailant.

With the danger passed, Jennifer bathes in a nearby river to wash away the alien blood before cooking and eating one of its severed limbs. Jennifer realizes that she is no longer on Earth and will have to survive through her wits and powers until she can find a means to return home. After being locked up in the pod, Jennifer relishes this opportunity to prove herself and believes that she will enjoy the experience.


Draw Brandon Draw by Brandon B.
Tales from Rum Row by Andrew Maxwell & Michele Bandini with Ed Ryzowski


Marat Mychaels & Alan Gordon: Dragon