Personal Information

Name: Lurch
Real Name: N/A
Former Aliases: N/A
First Appearance: Vanguard #2
Group Affiliations: The Morphlings
Height: Around 6′
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: N/A
Base of Operations: Vanguard’s spaceship
Other Distinguishing Features: Lurch resembles a mass of melted skin. Wears Hawaiian shirts.
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Powers: Shape-shifting, reassembling from severe damage
NOTE: Lurch is owned by Gary S. Carlson.


Lurch was one of many Morphling robots that Vanguard took with him aboard his spaceship as he began a long tour of duty monitoring Earth, protecting it from falling victim to the deadly Tyrrus Combine. These shape-shifting drones assisted the hero in his training sessions and could also provide decoys when necessary.

When Vanguard was arrested by the hero Supreme and delivered to the Chicago Police Department, Wally traded Vanguard with Lurch without the knowledge of the police. When Lurch was being teleported back home, an electric shock reconfigured its programming, sending Lurch on a rampage in Chicago. Dragon assisted Vanguard in subduing Lurch who was then left in Dragon’s care temporarily.

Dragon decided to have Lurch pose as Frank Darling when he confronted OverLord for the first time. This decoy was apparently incinerated, ensuring a faked death for Frank that kept him safe from the Vicious Circle. Lurch would slowly reassemble and continue his mission to stop OverLord and was destroyed again. Another try later left Lurch loose once more on the streets of Chicago until Vanguard finally retrieved his Morphling.

Some years later, when Dragon was leading a rebellion against CyberFace, Lurch was disguised as Dragon and led the villain into an isolation booth that contained his powers.

Many years later it was discovered that Lurch was able to form independent thoughts of his own and that he liked to wear Hawaiian shirts. During the attack on Vanguard’s ship by the Tyrraneans, he was a great asset in the battle. He tags along with Vanguard after they decide to head back to Vanguard’s home planet. When they reach Kalyptus and Vanguard’s people turn on him, Lurch takes the form of Kazi to help out Vanguard, but is quickly knocked out. It is later discovered that Deathwatch was behind the Mekka revolt and after being shot to death takes over Lurch after Lurch touches his corpse. Due to Lurch not being able to shake Deathwatch out of him, the city he is in is destroyed by being blown up. However, MODEM saves Lurch and is able to get Deathwatch out of his head. He remains with Vanguard and his group to rebuild their ship.


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