Name: Grizzly
Real Name: Nina Redcloud
Former Aliases: N/A
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #255
Group Affiliations: North Force
Height (as Nina Redcloud): 5′ 10”
Height (as Grizzly): around nine feet
Weight (as Nina Redcloud): 130 lbs
Weight (as Grizzly): 1500 lbs+
Eyes (as Nina Redcloud): brown
Eyes (as Grizzly): red
Hair (as Nina Redcloud): black
Hair (as Grizzly): brown
Date of Birth: November 20, 1997
Place of Birth: Kahnawake Quebec, Canada
Base of Operations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Other Distinguishing Features: Fur, claws, bear-like appearance
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Unnamed grandfather
Powers: Nina Redcloud has the mystical ability to transform herself into a large anthropomorphic bear. While in this state, Grizzly retains her human intelligence, personality and ability to speak. Grizzly possesses superhuman strength, stamina and resistance to physical injury to a much greater degree than an actual bear of similar size possesses. In addition, her senses are heightened to a superhuman degree, particularly her sense of smell, which she can use to track a target by scent. Grizzly possesses claws which can be used as effective weapons when coupled with her great strength.


Nina Redcloud was granted the ability to transform herself into Grizzly as part of a mystic ritual. She comes from a long line of First Nations warriors who have protected their people from outsiders. Nina Redcloud uses her power in aid of her country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


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