Dread Knight II

Dread Knight II


Personal Information

Name: Dread Knight II
Real Name: Ronald Winston Urass
Former Aliases: N/A
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #116
Death Issue: Savage Dragon #189
Cause of Death: Has a tooth spit through his head by Dragon
Group Affiliations: N/A
Height: Around 6′
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey, formerly brown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Lieberheim
Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Bette Turlife-Urass (mother), Philip Urass (step-father), Dread Knight (father, deceased)
Powers: Superhuman strength, energy projection, invulnerability


Ronald Winston Urass was the illegitimate son of Bette Turlife, a European woman that SuperPatriot befriended back during World War II. She was to sire an heir to the dictator Dread Knight, as he believed this was the best way to preserve his legacy, his quest to become immortal having failed thus far, but was rescued by SuperPatriot.

Bette Turlife was sent to the United States to live, avoiding the conflict raging in Europe, and eventually married Philip Urass. She became pregnant and gave birth to Ronald Winston Urass, unaware that the true father was in fact Dread Knight. Her son went on to join the armed forces and was soon a skilled marine.

Dread Knight II

Dread Knight took an interest in his son which again brought him into battle against SuperPatriot on more than one occasion. During their final exchange, Ronald Winston Urass stood by and allowed his father to perish. He then used his father’s own wealth to forge a successful business empire in the United States until he was a multi-billionaire.

In an effort to gain more power without the need for war, Ronald Winston Urass decided to launch a presidential campaign. He would use the massive popularity of the Dragon to make the hero his nation’s new commander-in-chief, while placing himself as the running mate. Urass did not bother seeking out Dragon’s endorsement and instead used his fortune to fund the campaign.

Ronald Winston Urass saw that he needed a public endorsement in order to proceed further in the polls and used a sophisticated Dragon Robot. This ruse was exposed when the older SoulStar arrived to avenge his younger self’s recent death. He destroyed the construct, wrongly believing the android to be the real Dragon.

As he saw his schemes unraveling before him, Ronald Winston Urass resorted to rigging the electronic vote. He made a number of errors that eventually saw the votes for him and Dragon thrown, leaving Urass’ plans in disarray. This caused him to seek out revenge upon Dragon, whom he blamed for his failures, donning the Dread Knight and embracing his father’s legacy.

Dread Knight was apprehended and sent to prison but his political connections and diplomatic immunity saw him soon released. Urass then befriended the incarcerated Dark Dragon and over the years planned the villain’s release. He used a new army of robots to carry out an attack upon Stronghold Penitentiary which Dark Dragon foiled. Dark Dragon was given blood from his duplicate and was restored to full health. Urass then sent his pawn out to kill Dragon, unaware that the hero’s original Emperor Kurr persona had returned and he murdered Dark Dragon.

Urass is briefly seen on TV during Dragon’s trial condeming him as the evil Dragon and that Dark Dragon was the “good” Dragon. After Dragon is sentenced to death, Urass visits him in his jail cell. He gloats about Dragon being condemned to death, but Dragon boasts that the judicial system is a slow moving one. He tells Urass, that since Urass is so old, that he will likely die of an age related death before Dragon is executed. Urass then orchestrates a massive attack on Dragon in prison. Urass then gloats that every single day of the remainder of Dragon’s life will be like this. Dragon then shoots a tooth through Urass’s head, killing him instantly.


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