Abner Cadaver

Abner Cadaver

Personal Information

Name: Abner Cadaver
Real Name: N/A
Former Aliases: Cadaver
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #26
Group Affiliations: The Vicious Circle, The Undead
Height: Around 6′
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Other Distinguishing Features: Abner Cadaver looks like an zombie with rotting skin. His mouth is sewn shut and clothing is a patchwork of material.
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: The Wicked Worm/Horde (creation)
Powers: Abner Cadaver is over ten thousand years old and is immortal; he is a master of the mystic arts which grants him numerous abilities such as disintegration, life-force draining, creation of life, flight, and power augmentation


For over ten thousand years, a battle between good and evil has been raging that involves two powerful mystical entities, Fon~Ti and Abner Cadaver.  The good sorcerer, Fon~Ti,  has dedicated his life to destroying his nemesis, Abner Cadaver, who is actually nothing more than a sentient length of villainous twine. The two sides have kept each other in check through time, with and endless cycle of each opponent temporarily gaining the advantage over their opponent only to eventually lose ground.

Abner Cadaver recently gained the upper hand on Fon~Ti with his creation, the Wicked Worm. The Wicked Worm was a small leech-like parasite capable of possessing a being that it was attached to.  The Wicked Worm was multiplied into hundreds and used to attack Fon~Ti, completely covering his body. These leeches combined with Fon~Ti creating a powerful new evil entity, known as Horde. Horde became an apprentice to Abner Cadaver, and the two set about establishing a power base within the superhuman-infested city of Chicago, Illinois.

Horde took control of the newly resurrected and mentally-unstable CyberFace who was then maneuvered so that he could seize leadership of the Vicious Circle. This popular and powerful super villain was the ideal pawn for Abner Cadaver and Horde to manipulate while remaining in the background.

Abner Cadaver rose to prominence within the Vicious Circle as one of the trusted lieutenants of CyberFace, with his associates having no idea of his true status. Abner Cadaver attempted to extend the life of his pawn by draining the energies of the Undead and instilling it within CyberFace; however, the attempt only succeeded in making him dangerously unstable.

After the Dragon killed CyberFace, Horde stepped in as the new leader of the Vicious Circle with Abner Cadaver again remaining by the leading crimelord’s side. Unfortunately for him, Horde suffered the same fate as his predecessor which caused Abner Cadaver to move in to kill Dragon himself with a murderous spell. William Jonson halted the spell and Barbaric proceeded to crush the head of the villain.

The threat of Abner Cadaver continued though, as his destroyed host body meant nothing to him. Using his mystical powers, Abner built himself a new body using the parts of various dead super humans. He then went to finish off Dragon, but by then, Fon~Ti had sufficiently recovered from the Wicked Worm possession. The restored Fon~Ti disintegrated the villain’s new body and sent Abner Cadaver back into hiding.


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