Emperor Kurr

Emperor Kurr


Personal Information

Name: Emperor Kurr
Real Name: See above
Former Aliases: Dragon
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #0
Death Issue: Savage Dragon #168
Cause of Death: Shot in the head by Dragon
Group Affiliations: The Krylans
Height: 5′ 10″ (6′ 6″ at top of fin)
Weight: 450 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: N/A
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: The Krylan spaceship, Chicago, Illinois, Rex’s laboratory, Vanguard’s spaceship
Other Distinguishing Features: Two toes, fangs, a fin on his head, disproportionately large upper body and arms
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Malcolm Dragon (son), Angel Dragon (step-daughter), unnamed child
Powers: Emperor Kurr has vast superhuman strength. His legs are strong enough to enable him to leap a maximum height of 460 feet straight up in the air, and a maximum distance of 945 feet. He is capable of lifting (pressing) approximately 34 tons. He is very nearly impervious to flame. His skin acts like a bullet proof vest; a bullet isn’t capable of penetrating it but a sharp knife thrust by a super human arm can.


A race of fin-headed, green-skinned aliens travelled across the universe in a mammoth spaceship, searching for a planet that they could claim as their new home world. This race was always ruled by one of the Chosen Ones, one among them that is imbued with incredible abilities of strength, agility, marksmanship and healing. The most recent leader was Emperor Kurr, a cruel man with evil ambition.

When this race came across Earth, Kurr was unconcerned about humanity already being there. He wished to go against his people’s religious views of non-violence and exterminate what he perceived to be a lesser, primitive race. Kurr was opposed by his two top scientists, Rech and Weiko, who valiantly sought to find an alternative to genocide. They believed that if they proved how advanced humanity were and showed the similarities to their own race then Kurr would change his plans.

Kurr dismissed the notion that humans were close in development to his own people and refused to even watch stolen television broadcasts. His aides brought a human up to their vessel to show him but Kurr simply murdered this specimen and consumed his brain. He grew impatient with his scientists, believing that they were delaying the creation of a plague that would have wiped out mankind but spared the buildings and animals. Kurr prepared a devastating weapon to simply destroy humanity as time ran out.

Rech and Weiko conspired against their ruler, having him unwittingly impregnate Weiko’s daughter, Geeta. Geeta was killed but her fertilised egg was recovered so that the next generation of Chosen Ones could be born. Kurr was then shot in the brain, destroying all of his memories. He had the human satellite broadcasts downloaded into his brain before having a vasectomy performed to prevent any more breeding.

In order to prevent Kurr’s memories from being restored from his meticulously collected brain-scans, Rech and Weiko opted to teleport Kurr down to Earth. They then blew themselves up, leaving their friend Lorrella to explain that Kurr had passed away. Kurr was then discovered in a burning field in Chicago.

Kurr spent nearly two decades as Dragon until the hero’s brain was consumed by the monstrous Virus. His remains were preserved by Rex Dexter until Malcolm, having refused to accept that his father was really dead, gave a blood transfusion to his father. The transfusion had the desired affect and Dragon was seemingly restored to life, albeit without any memory of his life once more. Malcolm and Angel did their best to help their father retake his past life but it was obvious that something was wrong. Dragon began acting in a far more merciless fashion and when he clashed with Dark Dragon once more, Dragon killed his duplicate and feasted on his brains to prevent regeneration.

Dragon revealed himself to once more be Emperor Kurr and he had no intention of remaining a hero. He set about exterminating all the Dragon Army that OverLord III had created using a unit of Dragon’s blood. Kurr then targeted OverLord himself but barely made it out alive after the intervention of his children and Daredevil.

Since that time, Kurr began gathering components for a plan of his that would grant him conquest of Earth. He dumped Rex Dexter and his family into Dimension-X and took control of Rex’s resources. Kurr then stole Vanguard’s personal teleporter before imprisoning the hero and taking his spaceship as his new home. Kurr was aided by an unsuspecting Deadly Duo in stealing chemicals from the Bio-Tech Laboratories in Detroit before barely fending off an attack from Thor.

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