Arnold Feeble

Feeble, Arnold


Personal Information

Name: Arnold Feeble
Real Name: See above
Former Aliases: N/A
First Appearance: Savage Dragon # 107
Death Issue: Savage Dragon # 107
Cause of Death: Crushed to death by a rampaging monster
Group Affiliations: N/A
Height: Under 6′
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Washington, DC
Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: N/A
Powers: N/A


When Dragon took his family to Washington, DC so that he could speak with President Bush about the Gods, he enjoyed a picnic in a park. Arnold Feeble was one of many people that approached the hero to thank him for all of his efforts. Sadly for Arnold, he was stepped on by a rampaging monster as it battled against Dragon and other heroes.