December 22, 2018

Hello and welcome back!

This is the new and updated official Savage Dragon Wiki 2.0

For a long time, the Savage Dragon Wiki was located at Wikispaces. The Wiki was originally based on the extensive files and data collection of Savage Dragon fan extraordinaire Gavin Higginbotham. It was transferred online in countless hours of mindnumbing work by Craig Olsen, Benny Hasa and other dedicated finaddicts.

Around March 2018 we learned that Wikispaces was shutting down its services and we realized we had to find a new home for all the data – and more importantly: a way to export and import all the files.

It turned out that wasn’t exactly an easy task. Wiki pages have their own kind of coding and each wiki providers coding language works slightly different. Converting the code on hundreds of pages seemed impossible.

As a temporary solution, I downloaded the complete Wiki from Wikispaces and turned it into a static HTML version. When Wikispaces shut down in October 2018 that static version went online and has since served as a temporary solution.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the new Wiki. We wanted to make it editable again and I decided that I would use WordPress as a management system so I could base the new design on the layout for the Official Savage Dragon Website I had designed earlier.

I have been working on it for months now, trying to clean it up as best as I could and prepare it for the import.

I said I would have it up and running by December 2018 at the very latest and I like to keep my word. I had to take some shortcuts here and there to make that happen but all things considered I’m very pleased with the final result.

I hope Erik Larsen and all you Savage Dragon fans enjoy the new look and feel. The Wiki hasn’t been updated in the last couple of month, so that’s the first task we have to tackle. I don’t see myself doing that on my own so I hope that some of you guys are willing to help out as editors. Contact me about getting access and let’s get this thing back on track.



P.S.: You can still find the temporary static version of the WIKI here in case you want to compare things or think somethings missing.


  • James Madison

    Yes. Thanks for the work, Stefan.

  • Chakz Armada

    Reaaaally cool work. Greetins from this fan located in Mexico most time.

  • Iain

    Thanks for your work, this is great 😀

  • Justin Crouse

    I second Andrew…thank you for all the hard work, Stefan!

    • Stefan Kalscheid

      Thx Justin, it sure is nice to get some approval.

      • Erik Larsen

        I have no idea how any of this works but…cool.

        Can the pictures be a bit larger this time out?

      • Stefan Kalscheid

        Hey Erik. Image quality and size was something I wanted to improve. I already uploaded larger image files for the covers and I think the size they are displayed at is ok. Eventually, I want to replace the small profile pics with larger versions. That will take some time though…

      • Erik Larsen

        Okay. Cool.

  • Andrew d'Entremont

    You probably don’t hear this enough, but, thank you! Your work is truly appreciated.

    • Stefan Kalscheid

      Thanks a lot, Andrew. I’m glad it all worked out and that it’s finally online.

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