Herculian One-Shot

Cover Date: March 2011
Cover Price: $4.99 (US) / $? (CAN)
Format: 52 Pages / Color
Cover: Erik Larsen

LEAD STORY: “Guy Talk”



Story/Art/Creator: Erik Larsen

Main Characters

Herculian (Death Issue)
Punchin’ Judy

Supporting Characters




Story Notes

This story is reprinted from Image Two-In-One #1

Collected Edition

Issue Extras

Also contains the Erik Larsen strips “Cheeseburger-Head”,“Bacon Mummy”,“Bacon Mummy vs. Gorilla Mayor” (based on an idea by Allen Hui), “Lotta Malarky”,“Carl Cosmic!”,“Don Dreak?”,“Dave’s Robot”,“Joe’s Jokebook”,“Reggie the Veggie!: Here’s Reggie”,“Reggie the Veggie! Has a Visitor”,“Reggie the Veggie!: Snow Day”,“Reggie the Veggie!: High Tide”,“Reggie the Veggie!: The Birds”,“Reggie the Veggie!: Fightin’ Mad”,“Mickey Maus”,an untitled Cheeseburger-Head strip, and “Zombie John”.