SPAWN # 266

Original Script by Erik Larsen

Page 1

Cap (Spawn): She didn't show.

Cap (Spawn): Midnight came and went.


Cap (Spawn): She was nowhere to be found.


Cap (Spawn): There was no sign of her.


Cap (Spawn): And how could she contact me anyway if something came up?

Cap (Spawn): Stupid.


Cap (Spawn): If she was in trouble right now--lost, hurt.


Cap (Spawn): How would I ever know?

Page 2

Cap (Spawn): How could I possibly help?



Creep: Hnngh!


Angela: …




Cap (Spawn): Like so many things...I may never have the answers.

Page 3

Cap (Spawn): People disappear from my life all the time.

Cap (Spawn): I can't save everybody.

Spawn: It's okay.

Spawn: Everything is going to be okay.

Angela: Who...

Angela: Who are you?

Cap (Spawn): Some questions are never meant to have answers.

Page 4

Maxine: Why did you take her here?

Malcolm: I didn't know what else to do, Maxine!

Malcolm: I didn't want to take her to the police station--who knows where that would have led!

Malcolm: I know I'm a cop but I don't want her getting locked up or having her secret identity revealed--that's not cool.


Maxine: Well, don't go getting yourself into trouble, Malcolm. You need this job! You have a family to think about.

Maxine: You have three kids to feed!

Maxine: Not to mention an addiction to video games, comic books and pornography!


Malcolm: There's a superhero code! I can't let her fall into the wrong hands!

Malcolm: Besides, it's not like she can hurt the kids--even if she wanted to!

Malcolm: And I didn't really have anyplace else to take her.

Malcolm: I don't have a secret lair.

Page 5

Maxine: You should totally get a secret lair! Or a Dragon Cave with all kinds of trophies--like a giant penny and a dinosaur!

Malcolm: Ant said that the very planet was at stake!


Maxine: Oh, the planet is always at stake! Don't tell me you fell for that old line.

Malcolm: Kind of.

Malcolm: She was very convincing.


Malcolm: Ant said that there's a guy named Alzayah Stone who has the ability to give people superpowers.

Malcolm: And that all kinds of lowlifes were seeking him out. That could help explain why there are so many of those superpowered scumbags here in Chicago.


Maxine: Look, Amy--the latex-wearing fetish doll is waking up!

Amy: Yay!


Ant: Where--

Ant: Where am I?


Malcolm: I thought I'd better take you to my apartment.

Malcolm: If I'm going to help you round up that Alzayah Stone character I really can't have you sitting there rotting in police custody.

Page 6

Janice (from building): Where's LENNY?


Janice: Lenny's missing!

Janice: Lenny split the rent and helped take care of Billy when I was working late--and now he's gone--just like that! He just disappeared!


Janice: Have you seen him? Have you seen my Lenny?


Footnote: *Sure he has. Al sent him packing after Lenny broke into his apartment and tried to rob him at gunpoint. -Todd


Janice: He was no saint, my Lenny--but he was good to Billy and I don't have nobody else!

Janice: The rent's overdue. Lenny said he'd come up with the money. He promised.

Janice: But he's gone.


Al: I'm sorry.

Al: I don't know where Lenny is.

Al: I'm sorry.


Cap (Spawn): Actions have consequences.

Cap (Spawn): You know that.

Cap (Spawn): Don't get involved. Stick to the plan.

Cap (Spawn): You know that, too.

Page 7

Malcolm (TH): What am I doing?


Malcolm (TH): This is crazy. I don't know her.

Malcolm (TH): I don't know that everything that Ant told me is true.

Annoying man: First time in the big city?

Annoying man: No, wait--I'm sure you must go there all the time!

Annoying man: Save the world. That sort of thing.

Annoying man: All the action's in New York City!


Malcolm: Sure, I've been there.

Malcolm: I was there when Osama Bin Laden came back as a giant radiation monster.

Annoying man: See, Madge?

Annoying man: He's been there.

Girl: This is so exciting.


Stewardess: Can I get you anything?

Malcolm: I'm good.

Annoying man: “Good”?”

Annoying man: He's great! This is a great man!

Annoying man: Not like his father--no good bum!


Malcolm (TH): What am I doing here?

Annoying man: Ever been to Tokyo?

Annoying man: Hear they have a giant monster problem over there.

Page 8

Malcolm (TH): Now what?


Cabbie: Hey, Malcolm Dragon!

Cabbie: Mr. Big shot!

Cabbie: Need a lift?


Malcolm: Uh...yeah, I guess.

Malcolm: I don't know where I'm heading exactly but I'm pretty sure it's not here.

Malcolm: I was supposed to meet somebody but she didn't--


Malcolm: --show.

Malcolm: There you are.

Ant: I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Ant: Get in.


Malcolm: Yeah.

Malcolm: Well, let's get this over with.

Page 9

Cap (Spawn): She didn't show.



Cap (Spawn): She told me about Alzayah Stone, a man who's giving superpowers to anybody willing to pay his price.

Cap (Spawn): I had no idea how bad it'd gotten.


Cap (Spawn): But in a sudden terrifying instant--


Cap (Spawn): It became all too clear.


Cap (Spawn): This was a whole new world.

Cap (Spawn): And right now my own powers are just starting to come online.

Al: Shit!

Page 10



Cap (Spawn): Everybody runs.

Cap (Spawn): I'm running too.


Cap (Spawn): But while they run away from danger--I run towards it.


Cap (Spawn): I made a promise to my wife--


Cap (Spawn): --And I aim to keep it!

Page 11

Malcolm: That's crazy talk.

Malcolm: You can't possibly believe that.

Ant: It's true--all of it!

Ant: They want the world to end.


Malcolm: And then what? What good will that do?

Ant: They want to cause the Biblical rapture!

Ant: They think God will save them--that they're the righteous! That they'll be saved! It's insanity, sure, but it's happening! Look around you!


Malcolm: What's going on up there?

Malcolm: We haven't budged in ten minutes!

Cabbie: Nobody has! Traffic's stopped! Some kind of disturbance up ahead.


Malcolm: I'm still not convinced.

Ant: You will be!

Pages 12-13

Ant: You will be!

Monsteress: Stop them, my army!

Monsteress: Monsteress commands you!

Monsteress: Bring them to me!

Cap (Spawn): Unspeakable horrors at all sides.

Cap (Spawn): It looks bleak but then I notice--

Cap (Spawn): I'm not alone.

Page 14

Cap (Spawn): Though she failed to meet me at our appointed hour she has come to aid me when I need her most!

Spawn: Ant!

Spawn: You've returned!



Malcolm: And she's brought company!



Ant: Let's do this!



Monsteress: They are powerful indeed--but no match for us!

Monsteress: Stop them!

Page 15

Cap (Spawn): None of this makes any sense.

Cap (Spawn): And yet it does. It all feels right. Everything moves in slow motion and the three of us fight as though we've known each other our whole lives.


Malcolm: Bam!

Malcolm: You felt that!


Ant: Watch your back!

Spawn: Where do these creatures come from?


Malcolm: Hold it right there!

Page 16

Monsteress: I will not resist you, officer.


Monsteress: And you will not resist me.


Cap (Spawn): And then it all goes to hell.

Monsteress: Go, seedling! Your queen commands it!

Monsteress: Seize the others!

Monsteress: They will be reborn as you have been! They will join my army--or die!


Ant: This was going to be a squeaker before he switched teams!

Spawn: This is not good.

Page 17


Cap (Spawn): There's no path to victory here.

Cap (Spawn): I'm outmuscled, overpowered and outclassed.


Cap (Spawn): I'll be lucky to survive the next few rounds.


Ant: Why do I get the feeling that you're the only one who matters in this fight?


Ant: These creatures have no will of their own!


Ant: Let's see how well they fight without you pulling their strings!

Monsteress: Stay back!


Cap (Spawn): Chains bind the monster but I know this is only a stopgap measure.

Cap (Spawn): He'll burst these bonds in a heartbeat.

Cap (Spawn): I can feel the pressure building.

Page 18

Cap (Spawn): And then--


Cap (Spawn): It's over.


Cap (Spawn): Monsters turn to men before our eyes.

Cap (Spawn): The curse is lifted.


Malcolm: Hi, uh...Spawn.

Malcolm: Sorry about that.

Malcolm: I'm...uh...Malcolm Dragon. I believe you know my father...?

Spawn: Indeed.

Spawn: I had no idea Dragon had a son.

Ant: Anyway...

Ant: Yeah.

Ant: So, I thought the three of us might join forces and put a stop to this madness.

Page 19

Malcolm: Hold that thought.

Malcolm: Here come New York's finest.

Malcolm: I should probably handle this.

Malcolm: You two might want to lay low for a bit.

Malcolm: Keep to the shadows as best you can. I'll let you know when it's safe to come out.


Malcolm: Officer Dragon, Chicago police.

Malcolm: I know it's not my beat but I thought you could use a hand.

Officer: You're a long way from home, Officer Dragon.


Spawn: I'm not sure what use I'll be in the battle ahead.

Spawn: My costume is a work in progress.

Spawn: I'm not up to full power.


Ant: How long do you need?

Spawn: I wish I could tell you.

Spawn: I wish I knew.

Spawn: It's taking a lot longer than I had hoped.


Ant: That may be...

Ant: But I can't very well ask Malcolm to hang around while you get your act together.

Ant: He's got responsibilities back home.

Ant: So your choice is simple--you can either help--or not.

Ant: What's it going to be?

Cap (Spawn): There is no choice. Not really.

Page 20

Malcolm: Okay! You can come out now!


Malcolm: There you are.


Spawn: It looks like we're going to be fighting together, Officer Dragon.

Malcolm: I feel like I just got traded up to the majors.

Spawn: Your father was a hell of a fighter. I hope some of that rubbed off on his son.

Malcolm: I do all right.


Malcolm: what?

Malcolm: If the three of us step onto a commercial jet and fly off to New Mexico to tackle this clown he's bound to hear about it.

Malcolm: Any idea how we might slip in there unnoticed and sneak up on him?

Ant: Leave that to me.

Ant: Let's just say--I know a guy.

Cap: To be continued in the pages of Savage Dragon #217!

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