Homages to Dragon

Savage Fin

Savage Fin from Marvel Comics Presents.jpg

Erik Larsen included a Dragon-lookalike as a villain in his Spider-Man & Wolverine storyline from Marvel Comics Presents #48-50. The whole story was collected in the Wolverine vs. Spider-Man one-shot, and much later the Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine Vol. 2 trade paperback. (SOURCE)
™ & © Marvel Entertainment, LLC & its subsidiaries.

Savage Drag-On Queen

Spittin' Image Cover.jpg

The Savage Drag-On is a parody of Dragon from Spittin' Image, a one-shot parody comic published by Eclipse.
™ Steve Donnelly & Fred Schiller. Story © 1992 Fred Schiller. Art © 1992 Tom Simonton, Terry Dodson, Ben Herrera, Dan Schaeffer & David Ammerman. Cover © 1992 Sam Kieth & Paul Mounts.

Sewage Dragoon


Sewage Dragoon was a one-shot comic spoofing Savage Dragon. It was written and pencilled by Bill Maus and published by Parody Press.
™ & © Bill Maus.

Jolly Green Drag-Queen


The Jolly Green Drag-Queen was a spoof of Dragon from Image's self-parody two-issue miniseries Splitting Image.
™ & © Rob Liefeld & Donald E. Simpson.

The Dragon Parody that Never was


Stupid was an Image series created by Hilary Barta intended to satirize Image's key titles. The first issue (and the only one to be released) parodied Spawn. The second issue was intended to be a parody of Savage Dragon, and would have been available in 3D and non-3D editions. It was never released. (SOURCE)
™ & © Hilary Barta.

Savage Finster

Savage Dragon Strikeback Panel.JPG
Original version with Dragon

Savage Finster Strikeback panel.JPG
Revised version with "Savage Finster"

Kevin Maguire originally intended to have the first issue of his series Strikeback include an appearance by Dragon. However, since it ended up being published by Malibu's Bravura imprint instead of Image, Dragon was replaced with a new character, "Savage Finster". Dragon was restored when the title was reprinted at Image. (SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2)
™ & © Kevin Maguire.



In episode 8 of the Maxx cartoon (adapting issue #6 of the Maxx comic book), Dragon is replaced with a unnamed police detective.
The Maxx ™ & © Sam Kieth. Maxx animated series © 1995 Viacom, Inc.

Hammerhead ("Not-Mako")

Hammerhead aka Not-Mako from Maxx Cartoon.png

In episode 8 of the Maxx cartoon (adapting issue #6 of the Maxx comic book), Mako is replaced with a half-man, half-shark creature called Hammerhead.
The Maxx ™ & © Sam Kieth. Maxx animated series © 1995 Viacom, Inc.

Skrull Dragon

Skrull Dragon Nova 3.jpg

There is a Skrull resembling Dragon in Nova (1999) #3, written by Erik Larsen.
™ & © Marvel Entertainment, LLC & its subsidiaries.

Savage Dragonbert


Savage Dragonbert was a back-up parody strip in Savage Dragon combining Dragon with Dilbert. Most of it was collected in the one-shot Full Frontal Nerdity.
™ & © Karl Hörnell.


dino-cop and dragon.pngguidebook28.jpg

In the DC Comics limited series Multiversity (written by Grant Morrison), there is a Dragon-like character called Dino-Cop
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